Korean War Memorial
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Find here recorded a story of war and peace. Find here remembered a story of great and common men, of bounty and sacrifice, of life and death, of America, Korea and a freedom so costly won. Find here a story to tell to your children so that they too may know--and understand -- how high to carry the torch -- Lest we forget.

This is the story of the aircraft and men of the first jet photo reconnaissance squadron to participate in the first jet air war in history. The stories and artifacts found here were contributed by former members of the 8th/15th Squadron who served with this unique unit from the first days of the Korean War to the post-Armistice period. It is to these fighter pilots that this web page is dedicated.

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SabreJet Classics


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Fifth Air Force







67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing



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67th TRW Yearbook 1952

(Includes an insert for the 77th RAAF Squadron)








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•The Hunters
•The Bridges of Toko-ri



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