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"15th TRS Pilots"
Lieutenants Porky Flynn, Dean Cling and Boot Sweitzer
Kimpo Airfield -- 1953

"15th TRS Pilots"
Standing: Lieutenants Hal Marston, Roger Miller, Everett Brown, Norman Duquette, Clarence Murphy
Kneeling: Capt. Dennis "Tex" Hill, Lt. Wayne Billig, Lt. Richard McNulty
Kimpo Airfield -- Fall 1951

Photo courtesy of Ray Powell

"Flight School and Tent Mates Reunited"
Frank Meyer and Father Everett T. Brown chat at The Cottonpickers Reunion

Photo by Jessica L. Duquette

"Sharpen Your Bayonets!"
LTG O'Daniel, Commander, U.S. I Corps, addresses the 13th Security Battalion, ROK Army.
First Lieutenant Sungkyu Cho interprets. K-14 Airfield, Kimpo - 1952

Photo courtesy of Dr. Sungkyu Cho, Professor Emeritus
Yonsei University, Seoul

"Cottonpickers and Aussies"
15th TRS Operations Shack Summer 1951 - Kimpo
Capt. "GLO" Green, Unknown, Unknown (Gibson?), Unknown, Lieutenant Tom O'Connell, Unknown

Photo courtesy of Jim Fosdick, 15th Tac Recce Squadron

15th TRS Operations Shack Summer 1951 - Kimpo
Capt. Joe Daly (kneeling), Capt. "Tex" Hill (seated left)

Photo courtesy of Ruff Gray, 15th Tac Recce Squadron

15th TRS Operations Shack - Kimpo
1Lt. Frank Meyer, Capt. Jim Hansen, 2Lt Norman Duquette, 1Lt. Everett Brown - Fall 1951

Photo courtesy of Frank Meyer, 15th Tac Recce Squadron


First Lieutenant Henry Porter - The Man Behind the Mask

Photo courtesy of Bill Hunter 15th Tac Recce Squadrons

Kimpo Civilian Air Terminal
April 1951

Photo courtesy of Jean Woodyard, 8th & 15th Tac Recce Squadrons

15th Tac Recon Squadron Pilots
November 1952
K-14 Korea

Photo courtesy of Irv Burrows, 15th Tac Recce Squadron

Door to "The Waldorf Astoria" - Kimpo Airfield, April 1952
LT. N.W. BAIRD 103 (missions)
LT. J.T. PELL 101

See more of The Waldorf Astoria

Photo courtesy of Neil Baird, 15th Tac Recce Squadron

Tent City - Kimpo Airfield

Photos courtesy of Ben Hardy, 67th Recce Tech Squadron

Saamcham: The Birth and Death of an Airfield
(USAF Photo: VV40 15th Tac Recon Sq R6186B 22 Oct 51)

Photos courtesy of Ben Hardy, 67th Recce Tech Squadron

Officers of the 15th TRS

Photos courtesy of Steve Sheedy

Colonel Edwin S. Chickering, Kimpo Airfield, 1952
"Sir, you will be missed -- but you will never be forgotten..."

"The Bartender in The Bowler"
Captain James Hansen, Cottonpickers Club, Kimpo Airfield - 1951

Aerial View 67th TRW Area
Kimpo Air Base - 1954
(Courtesy of Boe Simpson, 12th TRS)

First RF-86 Overflight of the Cold War
22 March 1954
Komaki Air Base, Japan
(Photo courtesy of LaVerne Griffin)

Vice President Richard Nixon Visits the 15th TRS
July 1953
K-14 Airfield, Kimpo
(Photo courtesy of LaVerne Griffin)

Flak Damage
Tail section of RF-80A flown by Major Horace H. "Whitey" Myers, Jr. early 1951
K-2 Airfield, Taegu
(Photo courtesy of Stan Sebring)

The "Dapper Dans" at a 15th First
Cecil Rigsby, Norm Fredkin and Unknown Recce Pilot
Courtesy Cecil Rigsby

As an introduction to the grand opening of the "After Korea" section of the webpage, we are pleased to present this edition of The Picture of the Week. Here's The Story...

"In 1952, these three pilots flew from Shaw AFB, South Carolina to Long Beach Municipal Airport to spend the weekend training the reconnaissance Air National Guard Squadron. When they checked in to their downtown hotel, they noticed a lobby full of beautiful, buxom 18-20 year old girls, each escorted by Mama. Wondering what the hell was going on, the elevator operator told them that the 6th floor was reserved for the girls in the beauty pageant. Later they found out that this was the first Miss Universe Contest held at this hotel in Long Beach, California. Some people are just lucky and stumble into it..." -- Cecil Rigsby

15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
Kimpo Airfield - November 1951
Courtesy Ruffin W. Gray

Major Jack P. Williams, ground crew and an RF-86A "Honeybucket"

15th TRS Pilots circa Summer 1953
Left to right: Lt. Chick Thornber, Lt. Ed Deane, Lt. Howard L. Peckham

Lieutenant Jack Pryer Williams, U.S. Army Air Corps
Jack Williams later became the Commander, 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron on 16 April 1952
Williams was Killed in Action on 27 June 1952

General Douglas MacArthur departs Japan following dismissal by President Truman
Haneda Airfield, Tokyo, Japan -- April 1951
Photo taken by First Lieutenant Stan Sebring, 15th Tac Recon Squadron while on R&R in Japan

15th TRS Halloween Party
Kimpo Airfield -- October 1951

RF-86F, 15th TRS -- Pilot is George W. Best
Komaki Airbase, Nogoya, Japan -- March 1955

RF-80A "Shooting Star" FT-380:
Kimpo Airfield, 1952

15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron Pilots (left to right):
Lieutenants Mirt D. Humphreys, Harrison B. Clancey, Thomas H. O'Connell, and Major Ruffin W. Gray
Kimpo Airfield, Winter 1951-52

Captain William F. Gibson
RF-80A FT-443
Kimpo, Nov - Dec 1951
15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

The Cottonpickin' Hell's Angels
15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron - Japan 1954

Pilots of the 15th TRS and No. 77 Sqdn RAAF - Winter 1951-52
Front row (L to R): Lt. Ray Powell, Lt. Bob Williams
Back row: Lt. Ed Terry, unknown Aussie, unknown Aussie, Lt. Wallace (Dad) Frazier, Lt. Jim Fosdick


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