All information is listed for historical and educational purposes. Duncan Curtis maintained a website for a number of years about the Sabre jet. He has lots of knowledge concerning this plane, and even has written books about the Sabre.Duncan gave me permission to use his files and the history he put together.

Thank you much Duncan! I returned this website to preserve the history of the F86 Sabre jet for current and future generations. I updated some of the webpage looks, while preserving much of the original look and artwork. All the historical information is copied from Duncan's original website files.


Welcome to the website devoted to the former

Duncan's Sabre Website



Sabre Databases and Reference

Worldwide Sabre Survivors Listing

F-86 type-by-type Listing

Large Sabre Book Listing

Sabre Model listing (user submitted photos)

F-86 Sabre Wings Explained

F-86 and Fury Colours (USAF/ANG/USN/USMC Model Guide)





Sabre History and Features

(Restoration projects and history at the time of the existing website)

F-86F Restoration in California

German Sabre 5 Restoration

F-86L Restoration in Ohio

Over Exposed RF-86F s/n 51-13390

25th FIS F-86D's in Taiwan

331st FIS Photopage

F-86L Restoration in West Virginia

49th Fighter Interceptor Sqaudron

The Flight Systems Inc. QF-86E Sabre

The FJ-1 Fury

The Story of the Recce Sabres - RF-86A, RF-86F and IF-86D

F-86K Development & Service

Lesser-known versions: The TF-86D Sabre

An Old Dog Bites Back - QF-86 Story




Duncan Curtis's Books for Sale







North American F-86 Sabre

Naval Fighters 58
QF-86E/F/H Drones

Air Force Legends 207
F-86D/L in USAF Service

Air Force Legends 211 - F-86D/L
in ANG and Foreign Service




Sabre - The Canadair Sabre
in the RAF Service

Rise and Defend - The USAF
at Manston 1950 - 1958




Duncan's F86 Links


Cybermodeler Online

F-86A-7NA s/n 49-1221 Crash

North American F-86 Restoration FU-401

F-86A s/n 49-1148 Crash

Fabulous Rocketeers

Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk. 5, N8686F

1/48 Scale Sabre Wings (Whats the Angle?)




F-86 Sabre Historical Web Ring Guide
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Sabre Pilots Association

Duncan's Sabre Website

Every Man A Tiger

S/N 52-4539 Website

S/N 52-2854 "Stardust" Website

Sabre Website Links



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