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"One of the most successful jet fighters of all time was the North American F-86 Sabre, the scourge of MiG pilots in the Korean War and the first swept wing fighter to fly for America. The day fighter and all weather versions of the aircraft were used in almost all Western countries, remaining in front line service for almost 20 years. Under license, it was built in Canada, Australia, Japan and Italy. The first prototype flew on Oct. 1, 1947 but it had been under development since 1944. The Sabre was an immediate success and went into service in February, 1949. When the Sabres arrived in Korea to meet the MiG threat, the bandits never knew what hit them."

Sabre drivers were proud of their steed and in 1981 formed a "Fighter Jocks" organization called, not surprisingly, the "F-86 Sabre Pilots Association." Membership was limited to those jocks who have flown the F-86 aircraft. All F-86 Wings of the Korean war are heavily represented as were the units in CONUS, Europe, Far East, ANG and Reserves.

USAF Pilot Training Classes

The Aviation Cadets and Student Officers who graduated from United States Air Force pilot training in 1952 and early 1953 received their wings near the end of the Korean War, and many graduates served in the war. In addition to American pilots, these classes included NATO pilots from Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Norway.

Sabre Pilots Association of the Air Division Squadrons

SPAADS is an Association of pilots who flew the F-86 Sabre with twelve Royal Canadian Air Force squadrons supporting NATO in Europe, from 1951 to 1963.

About the 39th Association

After several years of informally organized gatherings of former WW II personnel of the 39th Fighter Squadron, a set of By Laws were drawn up and adopted in 1986. The formal 39th Association is dedicated to finding and keeping contact with all of those men that once were a part of the 39th Squadron. Though the initial focus was on finding WW II "39ers", today the Association has a roster of veterans and active duty personnel from WWII to today as well as friends and family members. We welcome all who wish to honor the 39th's history.

Click on the titles at the top of the page for 39th Squadron history, photographs, reunions, memorials and biographies.

The Society was founded in 2006 to celebrate and preserve the history of the North American Aviation F-100 “Super Sabre” and the people who flew and operated it through the aircraft’s lifetime, during a critical period of the Cold War. Affectionately known as the “Hun” (short for “Hundred”) the F-100 was the first jet aircraft capable of straight and level supersonic flight.



Military divisions of the Sabre.


336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

Fabulous Rocketeers

This is a small online photo scrapbook for aviation enthusiasts, fighter pilots, former Fourth Fighter Interceptor Wing & 336th Rocketeer squadron members and anybody else interested in the F-86 Sabre jet, the men who flew them, the places they were stationed and the way they lived. Here, among other images, you will find vintage color photographs of the USAF's F-86 Sabre jet fighter. These are not restored warbirds collecting dust in museums or flying in contemporary air shows; These show the F-86 Sabre jet in its natural habitat, the Korean theater, circa 1953-1954.

36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron

Flying Fiends

Welcome to This site is dedicated to my uncle, Raoul P. Mouton Jr., all of the pilots of the 36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron who flew the F-80C and F-86F out of K-13, Suwon, Korea during the Korean War, and all of the service members of the 36th FBS who kept'em flyin'.

This is the story of the aircraft and men of the first jet photo reconnaissance squadron to participate in the first jet air war in history. The stories and artifacts found here were contributed by former members of the 8th/15th Squadron who served with this unique unit from the first days of the Korean War to the post-Armistice period. It is to these fighter pilots that this web page is dedicated.


Dedicated to all those who served with or supported the 456th Fighter Squadron or 456th Fighter Interceptor Squadron or the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE

51st Fighter Interceptor Wing Association

Freedom is not Free!

Covers information on Naha Okinawa, Kimpo, Tsuiki, Suwon

Home of the Headhunters 80th Fighter Sqdn.

Headhunters Korea link



Research/Photo Galleries

Websites with Sabre pictures and/or factual information.

Jet combat over Korea gave a few WWII aces a chance to rewrite their names in the history books.
An online user submitted photo gallery of sabres representing every country.
A wonderful website listing many sabres through the world and its history.

Australian & New Zealand Military Aircraft Serials & History

RAAF A94 Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-26/CA-27 Sabre Mk.30/31/32

An excellent website covering the serial numbers of Sabres and other aircraft.

An excellent artist who does three main types of avaition artwork; Side Views, Full Colour Artwork and Promotional and Publishing Work.
A website with nose art photos. Sabres are through out the website.
Nose art — there is no definition for it in any Webster’s Dic­tionary. but just ask any air or ground crewmen from any war since the Second World War and they’ll tell you not only what it is, but what it meant to them. It was a way of personalizing a piece of machinery that you had to depend on and it appeared on almost everything that was used in combat, from aircraft to tanks. Most of the really beautiful and/or outrageous art appeared on aircraft.


Sabre Individual Websites

Websites devoted to Sabre planes, pilots or crew chiefs.


Wally Yocum "Sweet Rose" Website

Crew Chief Wally Yocum, Jr.


336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

A website devoted to FU-539 and Wally Yocum. Website includes pictures of Wally, his saber he looked after 'Sweet Rose', his career, news, and Kimpo Air Base, Korea (K-14). Also photos of the Fabulous Rocketeers, various yearbooks and a Kimpo website.


Bob Ford Memorial Website

1/LT. Robert A. Ford, Jr.


311th Fighter Bomber Squadron

An excellent website devoted to Bob Ford, who passed when his F86-F jet crashed. Website includes pictures of Bob Ford, his wife 'Libby', his career, news, and Osan Air Base, Korea (K-55).

Unforgotten Hero

2nd Lt. Jimmy L. Escalle

FU-367 "Georgia Peach"

Remembering a Fighter Pilot's Life, War and Ultimate Sacrifice
Unforgotten Hero tells the captivating life story of Second Lieutenant Jimmy L. Escalle, a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot who became missing in action during the Korean War.

Bill Colwell

Crew Chief Bill Colwell

335th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

CIA Pilot Ken Collins

Call Sign: DUTCH 21

Colonel Kenneth S. Collins, Sr., USAF (Ret)




Air Show / Films / Circuit

Websites devoted to air show demonstrations.

The Warbird Heritage Foundation (WHF) is the owner and operator of this North American F-86-30 Sabre which is available for airshows, flybys and film.
The Planes of Fame Air Museum is the owner and operator of this North American F-86 Sabre, which is on display in Chino, CA. and is available for airshows, flybys and film and is also a member of the extremely popular United States Air Force Heritage Flight program.

The Worlds only 3 jet warbird Dog Fight that has taken the Air Show Circuit by STORM! Three Jet Warbird Performance

Live Narrated Story Line with Music & Smoke
Mock-up Dog Fight
Pilot Face-time with the Fans and Media


Other sites with Historial Interest

Websites devoted other Far East bases/stories with stories from the 1950's


Dawg Flight

Shulinkou Air Station Taiwan

6987th Security Group - 1955 to 1977

Shulinkou (Shu Lin Kou) Air Station, 6987th Security Group, Taiwan (Republic of China), under the command of the U.S. Air Force Security Service (click here) (USAFSS), was a small U.S. Air Force intelligence installation with approximately 1,200 U.S. military personnel stationed there in the 1970s including Army (ASA), and Naval (NSG) units. Shulinkou was active 22 years from its establishment on February 16, 1955 until its closing on April 01, 1977.

Stories, Remembrances, Thoughts and Photographs = History of our service in Taiwan

If you’ve searched for “Taipei Air Station” in the past without success, look no more, you just won’t find anything else. This is it… No one has put anything together that I can find.
My memories of Taiwan were always happy, and I wanted to share them with others.
I know many of you have the same warmth in your heart for the time you spent in this wonderful country.
As you review the past and relive those earlier times in your life, I suspect many of the memories of those days brought forth a sense of happiness and joy, and probably a smile to your face.
Since no one had opened a web page for everyone who served Uncle in Taiwan, a place to express thoughts and stories of our times in Taiwan, I have decided to begin a page and a journey with each of you who would contribute some of your thoughts and photos.
Welcome to an archive of over 7000 historical Taiwan pictures collected and organized by taipeimarc, an American expat in Taiwan. All images are believed to be in the public domain and may be freely used within reason*. If you use any image, good karma will come your way if you include a link back to so that others may find this resource. Thanks for visiting and enjoy.

B-29 Nose Art Over Korea

An excellent Word online document on B-29's.

B-29's in the Korean War

We left as boys and came back as men. Lets hope no one has to do it again.
We took a plane brand spanking new, started as strangers and came back a crew.
We were young and slim; our backs were straight. Our eyes now dim, we know our fate.
We had to go, a job to do. Our friends all went, we had to too.
Now years have passed and soon we'll rest. The whole world knows we did our best.
Above the clouds our spirits will soar. When life is o'er, it’s through the next door.
We'll join up again on another plane; take off for the heavens, a crew again.


This site is dedicated to all B-29 flight and ground personnel who served in the Forgotten War.
This is not a history of the 315th Troop Carrier Wing, 19th Troop Carrier Squadron (Yellow Tails) during the Korean Conflict, but rather a brief recollection of my 25 months and 26 days at Brady Field. My name is Richard Wolfe. I was stationed at Brady in the 19th Troop Carrier Squadron as an Aircraft Instrument Mechanic. The purpose is make it known that 57 years later that I am still on this earth and to possibly renew some of the friendships made during my tour of duty
The intention of this website is to cover aviation in the American Southwest; West Texas and New Mexico in particular. The subjects will mostly be military, but will also be my whims.


Bob P's Historical Site

This site is for current and former military personnel to view and post photos of their favorite assignments. Especialey Japan, Germany and Korea. Not necessarily limited to those countries. There is only one restriction that is no photos may be published in any type of publication without the photographer's permission. Any photo may be downloaded for your own pleasure.

Photos from various bases - Many Japan and Korea.

Kyushu Gypsies

In July 1950 at the start of the Korean War, the 21st Troop Carrier Squadron was formed by pooling all of the C-47 Gooney Birds that could be rounded up. In December 1952 the 21st was re-named the 6461st TCS, keeping that designation until it was deactivated in April 1955. The nickname Kyushu Gypsies was given the Squadron because of the frequent moves in the early days to different bases in Japan, as well as later on the Korean Peninsula. These long neglected [but definitely NOT forgotten] images have been resurrected from attics, basements, shoeboxes, trunks and donated to the memory of our beloved Squadron. Jack Hayslett took the initiative in getting the major portion of the first images from Herb Grossmueller. Andy Barada provided most of the reunion pictures. Dave Jordan also made early contributions of pictures and also historical information. Many images are from the extensive John MacDonald collection. Since then dozens more have been contributed by many Gypsies and added to the album. In the 1990's Gypsies from across the country formed the Kyushu Gypsy Squadron Association which was very active until 2009, holding a Reunion each year at locations from coast to coast. The Final Flight Reunion was held in October 2009 at Washington DC. No more reunions are planned. Former Gypsies or their families, are warmly encouraged to join our band of brothers.

Photos of K-16.

Korean Veterans Association of Australia

The KVAA Inc. was formed on 7 June 1984 from the Korean Veterans Association (KVA) and the Korea and South East Asia Forces Association (KSEAFA) making it the largest association of Korean War veterans in Australia. Though centred in Victoria, it has a substantial membership in NSW and Queensland and members in WA, SA, Tas and the Territories.

James Robert's Website

Hq & Hq Co 2nd Engineer Group (Construction) / 571st Engineer Company (Dump Truck) & "B" Company 802nd Engineers

Camp Richmond, Korea

Kimpo Korea K-14 and Oso-ri, Korea

(When it was located close to the end of Kimpo Airbase K-14)


F-86 Sabre Historical Web Ring Guide
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Sabre Pilots Association

Duncan's Sabre Website

Every Man A Tiger

S/N 52-4539 Website

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