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Frederick Synowiec Korea notes:

* Was with the 20th Weather Squadron in the Air Force from November 1951 - November 1955.

"My Dad (Frederick J. Synowiec) served in the 20th Weather Squadron in Korea while in the Air Force from November 1951 to November 1955. Growing up, whenever I asked him about his time in the service he wouldn't talk about it. "Why do I want to live in the past?" he'd say. It wasn't until my husband (Jim) came along, who always served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, did he start to open up and start to talk about it. Jim started taking notes and eventually wrote a biography about him to share with my seven siblings, and his dozen plus grandkids. It was amazing what my Dad could remember, even after having a stroke." - Mary Shepherd


Special thanks to Mary Shephard for these archived historical pictures and information!

Frederick in front of Danger Hydrogen No Smoking sign.

Base Operations at K-13 in Suwon Korea.

Welcome to K-13 sign. Frederick with Lt. Seymore on his left and Capt. Krauck on his right (back row left).

"The Old Man" - shown in previous picture sitting on bottom right.

Frederick with pup Figmo!

Frederick sitting on Lt. Dick Lamprechts F-86E-6 (Canadair) s/n 52-2877 plane - FU-877 "Shirley-Chris".

At work.

New tower at K-13.

New tower at K-13 from Pibal Stand.

R&R Courier at K-13 Suwon.

R&R Courier at K-13 Suwon.

TA-212 at K-13 Suwon.

FU-877 and FU-854 on ramp. Old tower in the background.

Lt. Dick Lamprecht.

Lt. Dick. Lamprecht.

F-80's in revetments.


George Burdick.


Eviction. Frederick is the one wearing sunglasses.


1952 Chapel at Christmas time

For more information on the 20th Weather Squadron in Korea.

Captions from the above website:

Image from a sketchbook commemorating service during the Korean War. Abril, illustrator (no first name listed). The 20th Weather Sqdn in Korea (1951). NOAA Central Library, Rare Books Collection. Images digitized as part of the NOAA Photo Library, and used under a Creative Commons License. Original Caption: "The 20th Weather Squadron came into Korea with the first Air Force contingent and served from Taejon back to the Pusan Perimeter and forward again to within sight of the Yalu River. It furnished weather service to all United Nations forces and operated from one end of Korea to the other, from air bases in the rear to enemy-facing forward positions."

Original Caption: "20th Weather Squadron observers take observations at the front and radio the information to the rear areas."

Original Caption: "Radiosonde men of the 20th take a balloon run while under enemy sniper fire."

Original Caption: "Somewhere in Korea Staff Weather Officers of the 20th brief the Commanding General and Staff of the 8th Army, Commanding General and Staff of the 5th Air Force, Republic of Korea President Syngman Rhee and advisors, and U.S. Ambassador Muccio on weather for tomorrow's operations."