Robert Law



First Lieutenant Robert M. Law
15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

1Lt. Ken Collins and Crewchief Bobby Newman

Collin's 100th Mission

Crewchief Bobby Newman, 1Lt. Ken Collins, Lt. Col. Houser C. Wilson

1Lt. Harley Lake

1Lt. Michael M. Mitchell & 1Lt. Dean Cling

1Lt. Steve Sheedy

1Lts. Doug Pennington, Robert M. Law, Thomas Mykityshyn, unknown, Marion Brown

1Lts. Gene Somers & Sid Jones

1Lts. Narsh D. Benson, Clement, unknowns

1Lts. Bourne, Charles V. Constantino, Mel Monte, Maj. Jack Nelson

1Lt. Lloyd Shure

1Lt. Andy Anderson

1Lts. Narsh D. Benson, unknown, Thomas Mykityshyn

1Lt. Robert M. Law

1Lts. Dean Cling and Guy P. McSweeney

1Lt. Rudy Chehovin, U.S. Army Ground Liaison Officer

1Lt. Robert M. Law

Gene Newman

1Lts. Irv Burrows and Robert M. Law

1Lt. Mel Monte

1Lt. Robert M. Law



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