The Cameras



An unabashed Korean puppy holds his ground in an "eye to eye" encounter with a huge Fifth Air Force aerial camera, one of the "Eyes of the Far East Air Forces". The camera is an Air Force K-19B used by night-flying RB-26 aircraft of the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing to photograph enemy airfields, railroad marshalling yards, bridges, supply dumps and troop movements. 06/1951. USAF Official Photo.

Photos below courtesy of Cecil Rigsby, Colonel, USAF (Retired)

Capt. Clyde East and Lt. Cecil Grigsby

K-18 or K-38 36" Focal Length Vertical and
K-17 or K-22 12" Focal Length, left oblique

K-17 or K-22 12" FL, left oblique

K-17 or K-22 36" Focal Length, Split Vertical

K-17 Tri-Metrogon 6" Focal Length Mapping Cameras

Looks like K-17 or K-22 12" Focal Length
left oblique and vertical

"Flying this camera at very low altitude in Korea cost
the 15th TAC several shoot downs". -- Cecil Rigsby

Nose Camera Forward Shooting K-17 or K-22 12" Focal Length


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