My Fathers USAF Career

3 August 1952 - 3 October 1990

Wally served the Air Force maintaining aircraft engines for 38 years.

Korean War medals:

National Defense Service Medal

Unitied Nations Service Medal

Korean Service Medal

Good Conduct Medal

Republic of Korea Service Medal

PDF grouping of awards and training: Wally's Career Awards/Training PDF

His dispostion form: 1956 Disposition Form

Some recommendation/outstanding performance write-ups:




Some assembly recommendations:

Removal of #6 bearing

Exhaust case alignment pins and brackets




August 1952 - September 1952

Sampson Air Force Base, New York

My father enter the United States Air Force after high school.
He was enlisted August 4, 1952, and was stationed at Sampson Air Force Base for 2 months.

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Sampson Air Force Veterans Assoc. Inc.



September 1952 - February 1953

Amarillo Air Force Base, Texas

My father was transfered from Sampson to Amarillo.
He was stationed at this base for 5 1/2 months. His major course of study was jet mechanic.

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1953 - 1954

Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina

Wally was transferred to Shaw AFB in South Carolina completing aircraft and engine training. There he joined the 336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. Wally spent time on B-26 bomber maintenance and learning about jet engines.


My father journeyed on the USS Gen. J. C. Breckinridge on his way to Japan and Korea.

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1954-Early 1955

Photos above: Kimpo Air Force Base, Korea

Wally described his experiences at Kimpo as some of the most memorable experiences in his life. His sabre patrolled the skies for enemy MiG’s. Even though an armistice was signed, the unpublished skirmishes continued to happen. Wally remembers that each mission was decided early in the day based on whether the navigational landmark mountain near the base, known to all as the “Witch’s Tit”, was visible or covered in clouds. Clear days and the mission was on!

My fathers pictures to K-14 (Page 1)

My fathers pictures to K-14 (Page 2)



Early 1955

Wally on his return trip from Japan. Photos are of Seattle, Washington.

My fathers pictures of the port at Seattle




Dover Air Force Base, Dover, Delaware

Wally left the Air Force in August 3, 1956 at the rank of Airman First Class. Wally would work civil service at Dover Air Force base maintaining fighter aircraft and eventually one of the largest military planes in the world, the Lockheed C-5A Galaxy as part of the 436th FMS (Field Maintenance Squadron).

My father's photos of the Dover Air Force Base

My father's civil service to the Dover Air Force Base


Certificate of Service / Appreciation