Kimpo Air Force Base K-14 (Volume 01)

Kimpo Air Base K-14 (Base Operations).
September 26, 1954

"Main Street"
September 20, 1954

Tug driving.
September 20, 1954

My dad posing with gun.
April 22, 1954

Picture of my dad next to his tent, with pipe.
September 26, 1954

September 26, 1954

Picture of my dad in his tent.
April 22, 1954

Notes on back of photo. Believe it's suppose to read: "Bed - Mancil Tubbs, Alabama" (pictured laying on bed behind Wally). He was a crew chief for the "C" flight team.

Picture of my dad next to his tent.
September 26, 1954

Friends of my father - Shepard, David Chapman, Baker, Wiesman

F-86 in flight.

F-86 flying by overhead.

Photo of the radar camp at K-14.

House boy Lee Sam Sun.

Witch's Tit

FU-591 52-4591 F-86F

Photo from a local Club. Cartoon of a fighting F-86 in the background.
September 9, 1954




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