Dover Air Force Base


My father next to FS-139.

The crew my father worked with. FS-143 in background.

This is a photo of FS-666 (F-84F-45-RE s/n 52-6666). It is a F84F, piloted John L Benz. The pilot crased at Dover with an emergency landing - the plane was on fire. He died in the accident on October 4, 1955. My father seen the airplane crash. John had a surprise party that night for becoming a Major. Click here for his obiturary: John L Benz (External Link). The airplane in the background, FS-375 (F-84F-5-RE s/n 51-1375), was flown by Donald Curtis Burleson. It crashed in Dover the day before 52-6666. He survived the crash. The plane was repaired and then it crashed again a few years later in the ocean after leaving Dover. The plane sank into the ocean and the pilot at that time radioed that he was out of fuel.



Dover Air Force Base.

Dover Air Force Base.

Dover Air Force Base.

FS-953 at the air show.

Dover Air Force Base during an air show.