Kent General Hospital and Torsten's Photo


February 15, 2016

As in 2006, I always wanted to see a color photo of FU-539.. So it was like a goal to me to find a photo online. Then it evolved to, I really wanted to show my father a color photo (since he did not have one). After searching for many years - it seemed impossible.

Even though I never did accomplish finding a color photo before his passing, my website helped create a senerio that led to a model company. Eduard contacted me and inquiried about building a model kit (#1163).

They released their latest magazine in December 2015 showcasing the FU-539. That started another event early next year, when a person in a facebook group decided to model it. Another key sabre fan saw pictures of it in it's early stages, and had to research the Sweet Rose sabre. After reviewing the website, that sabre fan contacted me of the early stages of the model in creation.

I joined the group, and contacted this builder, Torsten Schumacher, in Germany. On February 15, I told him great work on the progress of FU-539, and would it be ok if I could eventually add your pictures to my website. He said no problem. He would send me the pictures of the finished aircraft. He figured out quick that I was the son of Rose. He said it was an honor to make the aircraft.

Torsten Schumacher: "I love the story of this aircraft and your parents! I'll give me (it) a lot of effort! Greetings to your dad and a big thank you !!".

So it was neat that I got to show my father it progress pictures as I would visit him on my lunch breaks.

February 23, 2016

Today was not the day I hoped it would start out. My father called me at work, and knew something was wrong. Harder breathing, chest pains and sweat. I left work immediately to aid him. After talking to him for a few minutes, I called 911 immediately. The ambulance team did some vitals, and they took him to the hospital. I followed the ambulance there while messaging my family.

After I got to the hospital, I was directed to wait in the waiting room. While I was in the waiting room, I got a message from Torsten.

Torsten Schumacher: Hello (hand wave graphic)! One daylight picture! It's done! More pics Saturday! Have a nice day!

Webmaster: Thats really cool. Thanks! My dad called me today at work, chest pains and sweat. I left, seen (saw) him at home, called for emergency right away. Hes in the hospital now - once Im allowed back to him I will sure to share! Ems crews feels he will be ok, based on initial checks. So crazy timing you completed this! Thanks for sharing!

Torsten Schumacher: Oh no! I wish your father a speedy recovery and good luck! All the best for you!

Webmaster: Thanks!

Afterwards, I got to see my fathers for 5 -10 minutes. I showed him the picture of the model shot above. My father enjoyed looking at it, and talked greatly about the daylight in the background. He thought it looked neat. At that point, I was thinking what if this is really bad, and this was my chance to show him this model, in full color. It's not a photo, but life works miracles sometimes. A few minutes later, my father started feeling uncomfortable again, and the hospital crew attended to him immediately. This would be the last time we talked in a full real time verbal conversation back and forth again.

He had surgery that day and had two stents placed near his heart.

February 25, 2016

Dear Mr. Yocum,

First I wish your father a healthy recovery and all the luck on earth! - Here are now some pictures of the Sabre. I hope you like them. If not, please tell me if I should make other pictures! - I was very happy about your request! It is a great honor for me, because I love this aircraft and the story of it!

Best wishes for your father, you and your family!

Torsten Schumacher from Oldenburg (Germany)

Torsten's Photo package

February 26, 2016

Webmaster: Just showing up we have some of your pics (collage) in his room! Thanks!

Torsten Schumacher: Cool! That pleases me very much!

Torsten Schumacher: (thumbs up graphic)

Wally got to see the photo collage the best he could the next day.

February 27, 2016


The bed my father used for the week he was at the hospital. The angled yellow and black '539' would always remind me of his airplane.

The last few days he showed responsiveness, and enjoyed it when I played the song Panzerlied from the movie Battle of the Bulge. My father always commented it was a great song, even mom (Rose) liked it. He would move his legs, as I a sign I knew he heard me.



February 28, 2016

Today was a good day for my father. He was looking around, seeing the family again. He got to see the collage pictures the best he could. That night he kissed my sons hand twice before we left. It was the best way he could communicate that he loved him.



February 29, 2016

May he fly amoung the angels with Rose. We all loved and enjoyed his time with us. Excellent husband, father, mechanic and a true symbol on how to live life.