Eduard's F-86F-30 Sabre 1/48 Scale Model #1163

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Eduard Model Company magazine (December 2015)

1/48 scale production model - model kit #1163


Eduard's Decal Sheet

History: How it all started?

On September 23, 2015, I received an email from Eduard.

Dear Eric,

I have found Your website dedicated to the F-86F Sweet Rose, Your father took care of in Korean War. I am working with Eduard Model company, which is producing fine plastic model kits. We are just preparing F-86F-30 version of Sabre in 1/48th scale and I am looking for some new, not-so-celebrity-like marking planes. I like FU-539, so we might include Your fathers´plane in decal sheet, making the FU-539 more famous. J I would therefore like to kindly ask You, whether You have any more photos of the airplane. They would be welcome, although the photos on the web are sufficient to replicate the airplane and its marking. I would like to ask You to clear one ambiguity regarding the plane. Enclosed photo shows FU-539 with some different inscriptiont painted on the right side od the nose. Do You know what i tis? The picture i stoo small and the painting quite tiny to be readable… And do You have any idea, whether it was painted prior or after the Sweet Rose painting? There appears also to be two names on the right side of the canopy…

Thank You for any answer or any kind of help.

Best Regards,

Richard Plos
Eduard M.A.





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