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José Pires Photo Shoot for AirFix Magazine

José Pires Photo Shoot for AirFix Magazine

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Eduard Ultimate Sabre Model Kit #1163

1/48 scale production model - model kit #1163

Click here for the: 'Ultimate Sabre' Model kit and instruction

Eduard's Decal Sheet below:




Torsten Schumacher's replica of FU-539

Torsten Schumacher's replica of FU-539

A build from Eduard's 1/48 scale model kit. Click here to see more of Torsten's final work: Final Work

Below are some of his work in process pictures.




Preserved Wood Replica from 1955


Preserved Wood Replica

An actual replica of FU-539, made out of wood in 1955. It has been preserved, in mint condition. The pilot (Ken Ewing) gave this to his brother, and he held it since. My father got to see this wood model in June 2015. My father also had a wood version of well from that time. After four kids and time, a couple pieces of it still remain. Click here to view more.




Taiwan RoCAF Model "008" 52-4539


1/48 AFV Club RoCAF F-86F-30 Sabre "008"

Model by:






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