FU-539 Artwork / Digital Art

Painting by Javier Bordon - January 3, 2017

Personal DeviantArt webpage: Janiver Bordon

Artist and painitng history information: http://sweetrose.yocumusa.com/sweetrosebordon.htm




Appears to be painted by Eugene A. Beinert, timeframe unknown.




Eduard model company (December 2016)




Oil on silk of my mother (Sweet Rose). This was painted in Japan, 1954. My father had this created when he was stationed overseas.

My moms writting behind the painting.




Poster designed for my father in 2006.




Introduction to the website when it was created in 2006.




Artwork by Steven; Wally's grandson (mid-Feb 2016)




Graphic/Clip Art for FU-539


Sweet Rose above download: Sweet Rose

Sweet Rose above with shadow download: Sweet Rose with shadow

Crew Chief stripes: A/2C

Tom Yocum inspired 336th FTR SQDN in yellow band: 336th in yellow

336th Rocketeers logo

Fifth Air Force logo

Original website graphic