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The Fabulous Rocketeers Squadron Guide (updated)

Click here or the above graphic (photo) to view the 336th Fabulous Rocketeers squadron information, various photos and the complete "4th Fighter Interceptor Wing" yearbook (1952/1953/1954) in PDF format.

Special thanks to Bob Ewing for the 1954 squad/yearbook, J.R. Alley and General Dan Druen for the 1952 yearbook, and various Otha H "Skeet" Vaughan Jr. photos and research information.

Any others who would like to submit Rocketeers photos to add to this page, please email me at eric@yocumusa.com - thanks.



Disciples of Flight - Bill Todd



Disciples of Flight

The Korea Files 1: Life at K-13 with the 4th Fighter Group

The Korea Files 2: Taking on Waves of Enemy MiGs In the F-86 Sabre

The Korea Files 3: Charles 'Charlie' Ray Spath

The Korea Files 4: Major George A. Davis Over MiG Alley

The Korea Files 5: Four Against Seventy Seemed a Bit Ridiculous

The Korea Files 6: The Gun Camera

Bill Todd is a Korean War veteran and US Air Force fighter pilot who flew 72 combat missions with the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing. After four and a half years in the Service, Bill became an experimental test pilot for the GE Aircraft Engine Group, where he worked for 38 years before retiring.


Please note: Some included photos are not reflective of the story. Even though the stories are true, they are just used as a reference to the Korean War (not of his division).




RoCAF Photos and Information Circa 1955


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