F-86 Artwork


The Pirate of Suwon by Darby Perrin

"The Pirate of Suwon"

Darby Perrin

"The base was originally established during the Korean War as Suwon (K-13) Air Base and hosted the 36th Fighter Bomber Squadron. The base was used for the staging of F-86 patrols along the Yalu River and MiG Alley. Darby Perrin's print depicts maintenance troops on a busy flight line preparing F-86F, “The Pirate” for another flight as a C-124 departs." - Aviation Art Hanger



NAA F-86 Sabre by A Scott Edison

NAA F-86 Sabre

A Scott Edison

The Boxart Den



"Five Men, Fifty-Five Migs" by Nixon Galloway

Kimpo Airfield, Seoul Korea

Link to larger version: here

National Archives Catalog



"The Mig Hunters" Art (Aero Classics)


Aircraft Portrait by Jack Young

"The Mig Hunters is a painting from my private collection. This painting is of Captain Bob Love and captain Cliff Jolley, aces and friends flying their F-86 Sabres in Mig Alley Korea.

Bob furnished me with the aircraft marking details for this painting. When it was finished, I met him in his hangar where he kept his P-51 at the Livermore, California airport. There I presented him with some 8 x 10 photos and set the painting up for his viewing. He looked at it very quietly, and then with a show of emotion, told me, "you have brought back a lot of memories". This was in the early 1980's. His response was and always will be a pleasant memory for me."

Link: http://aeroclassics.us/hunters.html



Dedication to all F-86 Pilots



Wilf Hardy


A painting by Wilf Hardy (7 July 1938 - 2016).

Wilf presented his artistic abilities in painting aerial combat scenes. A tremendous job above of F-86's in Korea!



Mig Maulers




US Air Force 70 Years Poster



Sabre Artwork Maj Chuck Owens

"Liza Gal El Diablo" 51-2800 Major Chuck Owens art




Sabre Pilots Decal / Mach Buster Decal




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