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"Scratch" takes the F-86 Sabre for a ride

A Vintage Wings moment! Aerobatic pilot Rob "Scratch" Mitchell checks out the Golden Hawk F-86 Sabre for the first time.
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Shot with the Cannon 7D and a GoPro Sport camera.


The Eberhardt Family Warbird Formation

Here is Stu Eberhardt in the F-86, His son Bill Eberhardt flying their P-51 Mustang and his other son Jim flying their AT-6 Texan in Formation over Merced California.


Korea - June 18, 1953

The original Air Force film was shot on June 18, 1953, at Suwon Air Base (K-13), South Korea. There is no audio, but it shows the turn-around times of various ground personnel as they fuel and load bombs onto F-86 Sabres from the 8th FBG. If you look closely, you'll see FU-367, "The Georgia Peach," being fueled, loaded with bombs and checked for ammunition. It belonged to the 36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron.


45th Fighter Squadron at Sidi Slimane AB, 1954-1955

A tribute to the 45th Fighter Squadron, based at Sidi Slimane AB, one of three Strategic Air Command bases in North Africa, 1954-1955. The pilots went on what they called "Bear hunting" missions, which were patrols along the Moroccan coastline looking for any Russian bombers that had less than desirable intentions.




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