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Bud Norris sends these photos of his latest Sabre modeling project, a 3-plane diorama of the 25th FIS flightline at Naha AB, Okinawa, circa 1958. He was a radar tech on the F-86D at the time, and this diorama represents that era. The diorama took 1st place at the IPMS modeling contest in Columbus, OH earlier this year (2003)

Here is 048, the C.O.'s bird, denoted by the 3 red fuselage stripes. The diorama measures 20 by 40 inches, and the "concrete" surface is made from extra coarse sandpaper, painted and stained

This close-up depicts Bud and two other radar techs working on 976. Note the radome off, antenna pulled, panel off the left side and black box on the ground.



F-86 Sabre 39 FIS 51 FIW Pilot Joseph McConnell FU-910 Tail number 12910




Photos by Bud Norris

25th Patch

These photos, starting with 25th FIS in Naha, Okinawa and TDY Formosa (Taiwan) during the Quemoy - Matsu crisis in 1958 were submitted by
Bud Norris




FU-637 Tail number 23637




Lt Robert Escalle flying his F-86 Sabre over Sidi Slimane, French Morocco in 1954. FU-372 Tail number 25372




Lt. Tommy L Taylor "Cold War Warrior" Summer 1958



French F86K Tail number 54856


Jimmy Rossi of his "Crap Shooter" FU-711 Tail number 23711


Photo by Russ Weaver. He flew T-6 Mosquitos in Korea and B-26 Invaders in Vietnam. FU-067


Sam Jackson at the Smithsonian Museum 3/11/1997 ; Photo by Jim Biller


Van Nuys ANG's 115th FBS History (1954-1955)


2/Lt. Lester G. Frazier, Williams AFB, AZ, June 1957


F86 Memorials


These photos, taken in Korea and Japan in 1953, were submitted by charter member,
Richard B. Keener

335th Fighter Interceptor Squadron 4th Fighter



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