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From: MaryAnn M. Butterfield
Subject: F-86 Pilot - In Korea - Dayton W. Ragland

Dear Webmaster,

With the permission and assistance of his widow, Nettye Ann Ragland, I am writing the biography of Colonel Dayton W. Ragland, USAF. I am hoping that a message on your web site might reach pilots who flew the F-86 with him in pilot training; in Korea; or with him in Camp 2, Korea, as a POW; or participated with him in the 1952 Pyuktong D.P.R.K. POW Olympics. Perhaps someone can identify the others in this photo or the event?

(Captain Ragland is in the front row, on the right-can anyone identify the others?)

A brief overview of the period I need:
1951, as a 1st Lt, Dayton William Ragland, USAF, was assigned to the 336FIS and flew the F-86 in Korea;
November 18, 1951, he destroyed four Russian MIGS on the ground, at Uiju Air Base;
November 28, 1951, he shot down a Russian MIG during aerial combat; seconds later, his aircraft was hit by Russian pilot Yevgeni Pepelyayev, who writes about this mission in, A Red Predator Over 'MiG Alley';
November 28, 1951, Dayton Ragland bailed out and became a POW;
September 1953, the POWs were repatriated;

A brief overview of his career after Korea:
Dayton Ragland continued his career in the USAF; he was stationed at O'Hare AFB, married, had a child, and was an ROTC Instructor at Howard University, Washington DC, prior to completing F-4C training. Assigned to Ubon, he had completed 97 missions over Viet Nam, and was packed and ready to return home, when Dayton flew as a "back-seater" to 1st Lt. Ned R. Herrold on a diversionary mission south of the Dragon's Jaw (the Ham Rong Bridge), to allow slow-moving C-130s time to drop bombs on the Dragon's Jaw. This would give the younger man more combat flight time, while Dayton operated the sophisticated technical navigational and bombing equipment. * On May 31, 1966, the Herrold-Ragland aircraft was making the diversionary attack when other crew members saw it was hit by anti-aircraft fire. On the Herrold-Ragland final pass, the aircraft did not pull up, but went out to sea. They reported that they had taken heavy weapon fire. A ball of fire was seen as the plane went into the sea, and searches revealed no sign of survivors. The pilots were listed as MIA until 1970, when they were declared KIA.

Mrs. Ragland has provided information about Dayton Ragland's life, from their meeting and marrying, until he was MIA. However, Dayton did not discuss his prior experiences in the F-86, as a POW, etc., with her. He was a quiet, thoughtful person, a true patriot, and wasn't one to boast. However, his achievements are well above the norm, and his story needs to be told. I hope it will inspire young and old.

Is there anyone who can help me discover this information about him or help me search in another direction? I already have made requests to USAF Personnel (and received a minimum of information), Lincoln University MO, the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, The Black Archives of Mid-America, The POW network, and via, have traced his ancestry back three generations. The missing segment is KOREA. I can be contacted at:
Telephone: (310) 701-7144
7912 Madison Plantation Way
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407

I have more photos, if this would be help. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

MaryAnn Milton Butterfield

p.s. My husband (Robert L. Butterfield) flew the F-86 after the Korean War, and the B-57 and F-4 in Vietnam. At present he is president of the 13th Bomb Squadron Asso.

Subject:Archival gun camera footage.
Date:November 27, 2011

Hi, I have been trying to contact someone at the Nat'l archives / Air force. But even with emails, and snail mail. I have not gotten any response at all. I am trying to get copies of various gun camera footage from the korean war.

If anyone knows of someone that can do this for me. Please let me know. Thank you.

Ned Avejic

From:charles coppedge
Subject:F86D dedication
Date:November 26, 2011

Hello Bill.

Earlier this month I attended a ceremony at the MAPS museum in Akron, Ohio. The occasion was the dedication of an F86D to the museum. The aircraft was painted with the 496th FIS colors and the pilots name put on the aircraft was J B Lang, a 496th pilot who was killed in Germany. The whole story from finding the aircraft and following it thru refurbishment to the dedication can be totally explained to you by Mac McFarland at 330-958-7208. The dedication was on 11-11-11. And, yes, I was a member of the 496th.

Hope you can do something with this.

Charles M. Coppedge III

Subject:General Momyer Recollections
Date:November 25, 2011

Dear Sir-

My name is Case Cunningham and I am in the process of writing a biography on General William Momyer. General Momyer flew the F-86 during his time in command of the 8th Fighter-Bomber Wing, the 314th Air Division, and the 312th Fighter-Bomber Wing. If anyone has any stories and recollections that could bring this period of General Momyer's career to life, I'd greatly appreciate it if you emailed them to me at Thanks in advance for any help!

Case Cunningham

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From: Wayne Graefen
Subject:Lt. Col Bruce Hinton's custom car
Date:November 25, 2011 4:09:23 PM EST

In the April 28th, 1953 The Stars and Stripes, p.8, Lt. Col. Bruce Hinton, historical Sabre pilot is mentioned in an article as owning the most photographed object at Rhine Main at the time. The object was his car, a '48 model which he had contracted customized by the coachbuilding firm of Carosserie Spohn in Ravensburg, Germany.

I also own a Spohn custom car and am wondering if there are any of those many photos of the Hinton Spohn at Ravensburg that still exists. Spohn customs were known for their Sabre statement tail fins and my car has that feature and I suspect so did Col Hinton's.

Would be happy to have anyone contact me in this regard.

Wayne Graefen
Kerrville, TX

From:USI Info
Subject:F-86 Intercepts UFO
Date:September 25, 2011

Hi There,

Chapter One of Edward J. Ruppelt's classic UFO expos? The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects opens with, "In the summer of 1952 a United States Air Force F-86 jet interceptor shot at a flying saucer." The report goes on to say that the pilot opened fire with his guns.

I know the F-86H had guns, but it seems that it wasn't produced until 1953 ... so were there any F-86s with guns in operation during the summer of 1952? Any references? Are there any F-86 pilots in your group who are aware of this story or who have seen UFOs?

Thanks in advance ...

J. Randall Murphy
USI Calgary ( ) From:Randy Davis>
Subject:Fighter helmet
Date:September 24, 2011

I used to live in Sacramento Ca. just a few miles from McClellan Air Force Base. I found a helmet with oxygen mask in our back pasture. It had not been there previously, this was in about 1958-59. I have had it all these years and have kept it as safe as I could. The face mask has since been lost. The helmet has the pics "painted" of the seven seas ladies with the name "Atomic Whirler" I have tried many times to find out who the owner was but have been unable to do so. I would appreciate any help you could give. I presently live way up north in Ca.

Randy Davis

From:Ron Stephenson
Date: September 25, 2011

My dad flew an F86D during the Korean war. His last assignment was with the 515th Air Defense Group; Duluth, Minn.

He was 1st lt. Clarence Arthur Stephenson. He died when his F86-D crashed into a gravel _pit at the end of the E/W runway on Dec. 12th 1953

I'm trying to find any records relating to this


From: Sandy Few>
Date: August 13, 2011

I recently came across an article on the web regarding the ADC rocketry meets in Yuma, AZ during the 1950?s. Marty Isham was credited as having a vast knowledge of the operations of the ADC. I am very interested in contacting him. I believe my father, Capt. M.H. Castleberry, was a member of the F-94C Starfire team from the EADF 26th AD at all the meets held in Yuma during 1954 and 1955, and I am hoping Mr. Isham has a roster of the pilots of each team to confirm this. Because Dad performed admirably at these meets, he asked for and received a tour of duty in England on a pilots? exchange program with the RAF.

Does anyone know how to contact Marty Isham?

Thank you.
Sandra Castlebery Few

From: Stephanie Hogue>
Date: August 4, 2010
Subject: Sabre damage reports

You've been a big help in the past, and I'm hoping you and your readers will come through again.

Back in about 2000, someone sent me contact info for a man who worked on the Sabre at North American.  When he retired, he was allowed to take North American's copies of all the Sabre damage reports with him.

I mentioned this to a couple of DPMO analysts at the last Korean/Cold War POW/MIA briefing, and they would love to get copies of these reports.  It would be helpful in my uncle's case and possibly some others.  Unfortunately, I've moved and seem to have lost the contact info for this gentleman.

Can anyone help me out?

Stephanie Hogue

From: Veile, Mark A. (JSC-NC311)
Subject: 23rd Fighter Squadron Photos
Date: June 8, 2010

F-86 Webmaster -
Please post this note in your news, notes, and comments. I'm looking for photos of F-86s serving with the 23rd Squadron or 36th Wing at Bitburg. My name is Mark Veile and I was a member of the 23rd Tac Fighter Squadron flying the F-4 Phantom from 1984 -87. I am also a model builder and have started a project to build models of the 23rds aircraft throughout its history. I have found photos of almost all of the squadron's aircraft types but have come up short with the F-86. The 23rd was based at Bitburg AB, Germany with the 36th Fighter Wing. They flew the F-86F from 1953-56. I am looking for photos of the F-86s with the 23rd FS or 36th FW at that time. I have found one photo on-line of a 461st FS F-86 that was attached to the 36th at that time. I believe all of the wing's jets were carried similar style markings with the squadron colors being the only difference. In the photo the jet looks to be overall grey in color as opposed to natural metal. Does anyone know if this is true?

If anyone has photos or information they can share, please reply to me at


From: Ray Boone
Subject: F-86 Static display, Sembach AB, Germany
Date: May 2, 2010
I?m looking for any information on an F-86F, 52-5372, currently on display at Sembach, AB Germany.

I?m active duty Air Force stationed at Ramstein AB., and part of a team planning to move this aircraft from its current location to Ramstein, refurbish it to 86th Fighter-Bomber / Fighter Interceptor Wing markings, as depicted in the attached pic, and displayed as part of developing Air Park here on Ramstein.

I've contacted the Wing Historian, but haven?t? heard back from them yet and continuing my research on-line.

I don?t know if you have any archive data on these acft or this one, but anything you have or directions you can point me in, is greatly appreciated.


R. Boone

From: Bob Jasperson
Date: November 21, 2009
Subject: Minnesota Sabre Pilots
I am with an aviation history group in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area called Wings of the North. Each summer we produce the most prestigious aviation event in our area call the AirExpo. AirExpo 2010 is scheduled for July 17-18 at Flying Cloud Airport, just southwest of MSP. For this show we bring together aviation dignitaries from different time periods and disciplines. We have Doolittle Raiders, Tuskegee Airmen, WASPs, Viet Nam aircrews, astronauts, forward air controllers, and so on. We always have trouble locating Korean War airmen.ÿ General Boots Blesse has come up from Florida a few times and we have some Marine Corsair pilots locally who flew in both WWII and Korea. We would like to have some more F-86 pilots.
Could you put out the word to your members who live in the Twin Cities area that we would like them to contact us about being part of AirExpo 2010. They can find more information about the show on our web site at The site also has a nice video that was shot at AirExpo 2008. I think Boots is even on it. We'd like to find at least 3 or 4 Sabre pilots who could represent the Korean War time period at the show. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Your members can contact me at If they would like to call me instead my number is 612-867-5866.
Thank you for your help.
Bob Jasperson,
Vice President, Wings of the North.

My name is Dick Gold M/SGT Ret. I flew with the 115th from 1965 to 1984 with a two year break flying KC-97's at O'Hare in Chicago. Finished my flying career at Norton on C-141's. I currently live in Sacramento and volunteer at the Aerospace Museum located at the old McClellan AFB. I am the Crew Chief on an F-86f Sabre (51-13082) that's last duty assignment was with the 195th F.I.S. at Van Nuys Air National Guard Base in California.
The aircraft was at Goleta California for many years before being donated to the museum. It has been "let go" and is in bad need of some "TLC" The aircraft cockpit has been gutted and the paint is gone in many places. The current paint scheme is a combination of the "boomerang" and the 115th scheme. I plan to paint it in the correct 195th red, black and white scheme. I have been able to find almost all the cockpit components but still lack a gunsight, seat back plate and rails and the engine start panel. I have located a gunsight and continue to look for the other two parts. We will be making some of the side console parts from pictures and drawings.
I have a special love for this bird because as a young child, I spent hours at the end of the runway just waiting to see them come and go. It led to my wanting to fly and many years of enjoyment and fun. It's now my turn to try and keep this aircraft and its history alive!
We are seeking funds to help with the project as well as any pictures, memorabilia, stories, old uniforms, patches and anything else that would help with our display. All donors will be given credit with their names painted on the main gear doors. We hope to "unveil" it next spring and if you're interested in being there, let us know at Donations can be made directly to the museum and are tax deductible. They can be sent to the Aerospace Museum of California 3200 Freedom Park Dr. McClellan Ca 95652 Indicate it's for the F-86f.
For other donations, please contact me at the above e mail.

From: William Sawyer
Date: June 12, 2009
Subject: dads plane

Hello, my dad was the Crew Chief on the F86d, Dennis the Menace. I would like to know how to find the pilot, Lt. Finlay.
I think he was with Wright Patterson.
Any info.... where to look, would be helpful
Thanks Bill Sawyer

Subject:67th FBS Korea
Date:June 12, 2009
On Jun 12, 2009, Gary wrote:

My father was Gary G. Wright and a member of the 67th FBS at K55. He graduated from Pilot Training Class 52G. I would appreciate any info/stories about him from any members.

I would also appreciate copies/scans of any photos members may have of him or the 67th FBS F86's. The name on the side of my dads plane was "When The Lights Go Out Again".

As I am in ill health, I have been trying to put information together for my children to better know their grandfather.He has been MIA since 1-17-67 while flying with the 11th TRS out of Udorn Thailand.

Thanks for any help!

Gary Wright Jr.

From: Joe Neale
Date: October 24, 2008
Subject: Phil Neale

My father, Phil Neale, flew F-86's with the 93rd at Kirtland AFB from 1953-1955 and with the 525th in Bitburg, Germany from 1955-1958.  After that he transferred to Edwards AFB where he was a test pilot and flight test instructor.  He was killed on September 8, 1965 during a test flight of a Dassault Balzac near Paris, France.

Anyhow, I would appreciate it if any of his fellow F-86 pilots from Kirtland or Bitburg can contact me (  Since he died when he was 35-years-old, I'm attempting to put together some information for my brothers/sisters and his grandchildren so they can know what kind of man he really was.  Any kind of stories (on or off duty) would really be appreciated.

Joe Neale

Subject: F-86H Information

Date: September 22, 2008

My name is Greg Thomas and I am trying to get some information about the F-86H.  I am a member of the Pacific Coast Air Museum in Santa Rosa, California.  We have an F-86H that I am the Crew Chief on.  I am hoping that maybe you can help me, the serial number is 53-1308, we were able to save this aircraft from the bad men who destroy aircraft at China Lake.  What I am looking for is some of the history on this aircraft and any available manuals, flight or maintnenace so that I can properly restore it to the condition that it should be shown.

I would appreciate any help that you can supply.

Thank you,
Greg Thomas

From: Matt
Date: September 27, 2008
Subject: F-86H 53-1308

My name is Matt Hensarling and I'm heading up a static restoration of F-86H 53-1380 in Denver, Colo. This is a long shot but I figured I would ask anyway - we are in search of an H model canopy or at least the bubble as we have a frame. Our bird is currently fitted with a D model canopy with a modified fairing to make it fit. We'd like to replace the D model canopy with something accurate.  Any idea at all where I can locate a H model canopy or at least the glass?

 Matt Hensarling
Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

From: Henry Matthews
Date: September 26, 2008


My name is Henry Matthews. I am an independent author/publisher of books on the history of experimental aircraft. I only print two or three hundred copies of each title, so mine is far from a profitable business. But my aim is to preserve history in book form.

I need to know who made the first flight of the second and third XP-86 prototypes. And I need to know the number of flights made by each of the three prototypes.

Can you provide this information, or direct me to someone who may?

Because the Sabre was such a phenomenal success story, its initial protypes have never been properly documented as the opertional aircraft took all the attention of writers and publishers. This is how experimental aviation history is lost.

I would love to produce a monograph on the XP-86 prototypes, with complete flight logs and pictures and bios of the test pilots. Can you help in providing this material?

Please take a look at my website for an idea of my work and what I hope to do.

With best regards

Henry Matthews

From: Cass C
Date: September 26, 2008
Subject: Searching for a pilot

Thank you for posting my earlier request.  I spoke to my father about the site and he asked me to forward a request in hopes someone knew this man.  I'll try to relay the events correctly but I'm not a pilot so my words may not do justice to the request.

My father, Frank P. Robison is looking for the pilot who flew with the 4th Fighter Wing, 16th Squadron at K-14. 

His first combat mission, he flew as White 4 in summer of 1951.  The leader and element leader pitched out and White 4 was told to join up with White father.

They were after 24 Migs attacking an F-80 squadron. 

Later that year, possibly winter of 51/52, this pilot received heavy damage to his transmission and was forced to belly in an F86 at K-14.  Dad was very impressed with the pilot's skill and at one time, had a copy of the accident report but later, it was given to another pilot and Dad never saw it again.  He is looking for the pilot or his family or possibly someone who knew him.  He does not recall the pilot's name.

If you have any information, you can contact me via email and I will forward it to my father.

Thank you,

Sandy Robison

From: Mac McKinnon
Date: August 1, 2008 10:01:22 AM EDT
Subject: F-86

My name is Mac McKinnon and I'm publsiher of the Dublin Citizen newspaper and am involved with the Dublin American Legion. Part of one of our projects has been a Dublin Veterans' memorial and we have recently obtained a state historical marker to commemorate that site and honor Lt. Col. George Davis who was shot down in Korea while flying an F-86. He was awarded the Medal of Honor. Our Memorial is located on the Korean War Memorial Highway (U.S. Hwy. 6).

We have space for a static display of an F-86 if we can find one. However, that has proven to be a difficult task as few of those exist. We do not need an aircraft in flying condition but one we could let people see and know that was the machine that Col. Davis taught so many pilots how to fly and the fact that he was an ace in Korea. Any help would be appreciated.

Mac McKinnon
254-445-4116 (fax)

From: Gene R Carlson
Date: July 22, 2008
Subject: 355th Fighter Group - McGhee-Tyson TN

My name is Gene Carlson and I am a member of the 355th Fighter Association.  It is an "all inclusive" organization for any and all current or former 355th members from 1942 to the present.  Our membership consists primarily of WWII and Vietnam era veterans with one member who was with the 355th at both McGhee-Tyson TN and at Takhli Thailand.  We also have a few current active duty 355th members.  I would like to see some of the 355th veterans from McGhee-Tyson era join us too.

We are looking for anyone who served with the 355th Fighter Group at McGhee-Tyson TN (1955-1958).  Our next reunion is tentatively scheduled for Oct 09 in San Antonio TX.

Would also be interested in any historical data on the 355th at McGhee-Tyson TN that you might care to share with us.  BTW, I need a photo of a 355th F-86 for my web site.  Any help you would provide me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Gene Carlson
355th Munitions Maintenace Squadron
Gun Services Section (A-7D)
March 1973 - May 1976

My "UnOfficial" 355th web site

From: Thomas Wildenberg
Subject: A1-C gunsight research

I am researching the origins, development and operational history of the A1-C lead computing gun sight, which some sources claim to have played a significant role in the Korean War victories secured by Sabre pilots..  I would like to contact those of your membership who had experience with this device to obtain there option and information regarding it's effectiveness, importance and reliability.  Please let me know the best way that his can be accomplished.

Thomas Wildenberg
Burtonsville, Maryland

From: Don Webb
Date: May 18, 2008
Subject: Looking for Person who emergency-landed a F-86


  I had sent this request months ago, but do not know if you posted it, or if I missed someone's response to it. Would appreciate if you would run again. Back in either 1954, 1955 or 1956, (can't rememer the exact year) as a small boy in the small north Florida community of Lee, (Madison County) Florida, I recall an incident of where a pilot had to make an emergency landing of what I believe was an F-86 fighter jet.  The site of this incident was approximately 30 miles south of Valdosta, Georgia, 50 miles east of Tallahassee, Florida and 100 miles west of Jacksonville, Florida. The pilot put the jet down on a paved 2 lane "farm to market" road (1 mile north of the Lee community on SR 255), but for some reason it came to rest off the shoulder of the road. I do not recall from which base this plane originated. It may have been from Moody AFB (Georgia), Maxwell AFB (Alabama) or Eglin AFB (Florida). I have searched for years and years for more info on this incident.  I hope that someone reading this may recall and can share more about it with me.


  Don Webb

From: "Mark P. Wicka"
Date: May 6, 2008
Subject: Looking for Info

I was wondering if any one had any info on my uncle, Lt. Robert H. Workman.  He flew the F-86 and for some time he was stationed in Tripoli.  After that he was an instructor based in Florida.  He was killed in 1955, he was in a T-33 somewhere over the US east coast.  The story I was told was that a Lt. Col. was at the controls, flew into a thunderhead, blew the canopy, and my uncle was sucked out.  I was only 2 years old when he was killed.
Thank you

  Mark Wicka
Field Service Tech
Timesavers Inc.

From: "Paul Mather"
Date: March 6, 2008
Subject: Inadvertant take-off, F-86

        I'm in the process of trying to pull together a collection of true aviation-related stories. ?        Many many years ago, I recall reading a magazine article about a most amazing incident.  A USAF mechanic, after performing some late-night maintenance on an F-86, decided to perform a high speed taxi test.  After calling the tower and gaining permission to take the runway (and already having the proper runup and taxi license to perform such tests), he accelerated down the runway and soon found himself airborne.  Most of the details of this incident are vague in my memory, but I seem to recall that another F-86 was scrambled to join up with the hapless mechanic, and he was eventually talked back down on a long straight-in approach to a safe landing.  I seem to recall that this took place at a base in the southwest, perhaps at Luke, or at Williams.
Would any of your members have knowledge of this story?  I need a place to begin my research, so any fragment of information about this incident would be very helpful. Many thanks for your assistance.

Paul D. Mather
LtCol USAF (Ret)

From: Dwain Kline
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2008
Subject: Looking for Korean War pilot

I'm looking for a Harold "Hal" Herringshaw, who flew an F-86 in the Korean war. He is from New York state and was in the air force from 1950 to 1959. Any info would be very much appreciated.

Dwain Kline

From: hilary
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2007
Subject: Vegas, 1954

I was at the Monte Carlo hotel during the last Sabre Pilots reunion and talked with several of you about Nellis and Las Vegas in the early 1950s. My thanks to those of you who took a few minutes to speak with me.

I'm writing a book about the search for my father, who I believe was a pilot, and my mother, an English woman who lived and worked in Las Vegas in 1953 - 1954. She was killed in a car crash when I was an infant, so I never knew her, and know little about her life.

I'm coming to the end of my search and my writing, but some questions, and a great mystery, still remain. Does anyone remember a radio show known as "Midnite Along Fremont Street" hosted by Jack Kogan? Did anyone know my mother, Ann Preston? And, most importantly, does anyone remember an officer of Greek ethnicity who would have been at Nellis in the early months of 1954?

This means so much to me, and to my sons, who would like to know their heritage. Thank You! Hilary Harper

From: CHRIS TALLEVAST Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2007
Subject: Research-539th FIS

Gentlemen, Looking to get in touch with anyone who served with the 539th FIS at McGuire in the summer of 1958, who may have known my Uncle. I am working on a Masters Degree in Military History, and very interested in this period, as well as the family connection.

Appreciate an e-mail or call and may even be able to pay a small fee for an interview that will help my research.

Thank you,
C. Tallevast

ph 410/433-1647

From: Kurt
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2007
Subject: F-86D acft 52-3864 and F-86F 52-4743

I have been looking for any and all information on two particular Sabre aircraft F-86D acft 52-3864 and F-86F 52-4743.

52-3864 was assigned to the 62nd FIS at O-Hare Int'l Airport, il. Later it went to the 85th FIS at Scott AFB in 1955. Last know to have been on display at the VFW in Lanham, MD.

52-4743 was assigned to the 452nd Fighter Day Sqdn at Foster AFB, TX. Later went to the 49th FBW at Chitose maybe to the 336th FBS.It ended up with the Phillippine AF.

If anyone has any information on these aircraft or pictures it would be greatly appreciated.


Kurt Gibson

Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007
Subject: F-86D

Whomever: I was withe the 15th fighter interceptor squadron in 1955 >1957. Worked With Evert Beuchamp a civilian eng with Lockheed. We repaired the Integrated fuel control systems on the F-86 dogs . Are any of the pilots from the 15Th still alive and attending the get together's.

From: Chief Mate USNS EFFECTIVE (T-AGOS-21)
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007
Subject: Gathering information

I am doing some research for my wife who her father was a F86 pilot during the 1950's. She has pictures of him in the 93rd Fighter Squadron at Wheeler AFB. There is an article that talks about him flying a F-86 Sabre there. Also an article that talks about the gunnery team of the 81st fighter gunnery event. Pictures of him of him at Las Vegas airbase for gunnery event. He was also in the 93rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico 1951. Another article about him in Suffolk England with the only Sabre group in Europe in march 1953. He also flew F84F jets at Bentwater England in 1954. Then he was at Brooks Air Force Base 10th District for the Office of Special Investigations. He retired as a Lt. Colonel John Fink and passed away in 1980. Thank you in advance and I wait for you response.


Captain Kirk G. Rhoda
U.S. Merchant Marine Services

From: David Neafcy
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Subject: 45th Fighter Day Squadron

Hello - I'm trying to contact Wendell B. Stockdale who was a pilot of the 45th, based in Morocco. On 22nd March 1956, when I was just 4 years old, he crashed his Sabre here in England whilst en route to Prestwick, Scotland. I know that he was living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2001 and I would dearly like to contact him. (Prompted by my off-spring, I'm writing a book about my childhood). Witnessing that crash is one of my earliest memories and if I close my eyes I can still see his helmet, lying in a muddy field, split and covered in blood and the Sabre with its wings torn off. If anyone knows Mr Stockdale I would be very grateful if they could ask him to contact me or point me in the right direction.

Many thanks, Dave Neafcy.

From: Lindy Corgey
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007
Subject: Any Knowledge Of Lt. Russell J. Brown F80C Kills MiG15, 8 Nov 50

I was just wondering if your organization has any knowledge of Lt. Russell Brown. The U.S.A.F. Museum has his ID Card and cigarette case. Even though it was not a F86. It is still impressive that a F80C could kill a MiG15. The G-suit and superior training paid off. Thank you for reading my email.

Lindy Corgey

From: Hudson Renat MSgt 166MXM/LGMFS
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Subject: F-86 Ejection Seat

Hello, I am currently in the middle of restoring an ejection seat and was curious as to what the back pad was made out of. I can't find any decent pictures to help me. Our unit is working on placing the plane in front of our base and they want to display the seat in our HQ. If you could send me a good picture or let me know what the seat consists of, any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of the seat so far. Thank You.

Renat "NAT" Hudson
MSgt, DE Air Guard
Surv Equip NCOIC
DSN: 445-7574

From:RJ Holland
Sent:Thu, May 10, 2007

I flew F-86Fs with Bill Coe with the 8th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 35th Squadron, out of K-13 in 1953. Haven't heard of him since. He was a very interesting and colorful guy and if anyone out there has any information on him, I would appreciate hearing about it.

RJ Holland

From: Farnsworth
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2006
Subject:461st FS
Lynn Farnsworth, Misty 146

Hello. I am looking for members of the 461st FS from the 1950s when the squadron was flying F-86s and F-100s in West Germany. The 461st Flight Test Squadron recently reactivated at Edwards AFB. I am trying to get in contact with our members from years past so I can reconstruct some of our squadron history, which seems to have been lost over the years. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Matt "T2" Ryan

Subject:Dedication of an F-86H
October 2, 2006

Member Bill Studer bought and restored and F-86H. He has donated it and it is to be dedicated at a Memorial in Lakeview MN on November 11, 2006. For Information, Photo and more check Lakeville Veterans Memorial.

From: "William Powell"
Subject: Perrin AFB Class 51G
Date: Saturday, August 26, 2006

I was in class 51G at Perrin. Would like to hear from classmates if they are still alive. The AvCad web page is devoid of this class. Thought I would try your web and hope for a hit or two.

William Powell

From: WWll Willie Wilson
Subject: Looking 4 help!
Date: Monday, August 14, 2006 1:47 PM

I'm "looking" for someone who flew the 86 at Geiger Field in Spokane, WA some years ago.

What I am looking for is one of the old "Geigers Tigres" F86 pilots who has a copy of the Sqdn made movie titled "Geigers Tigres" that they will let me borrow, make a DVD copy and mail it back to them.

I've been attempting to get in touch with Edward "Buddy" R. Haydon, but so far I've come up empty. He would be approx 86 years old and may no longer be with us - I just do not know.

I am collecting all the old Fighter Squadron funny made movies I can get my hands on, plus "other" interesting to Fighter Pilots stuff. After I do collect as many of these Sqdn made movies, I will have a DVD (perhaps 2 DVDs) made and sell them at cost. So far I have approx 53 requests for the DVDs, and I haven't even asked for an order yet!! In fact, I'm still in the "gathering stages" of my project. I have 4-5 Sq made movies so far, but I must collect all I can, "FIRST" so I can view, have changes made and time each movie and set up a sequnce of how I want to have them put put on the DVD(s). This is very time consuming.

Movies I have so far are:
"A Typical Fighter Pilots Day At Itazuke"
"Throw a Nickel on the Grass"
"Gold Bond Powder"
A 16mm film of an "F-100 Thunderbird Show" (in color, sound approx 15-18 mins long) Various video clips, 4 or 5 (from the Internet) of various intrest "There Is A Way" (F-105 pilots bombing raids in NVN and interviews with pilots-made for TV ...and other things I cannot recall at the moment.

If anyone has or knows where I can obtain the"Geigers Tigres" film please get in touch with me..

Thanks a million,
Willie Wilson
430 Terrace Hill Blvd
Tel (386) 775-3332
Subject: 444th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
Date:June 19, 2006


I am looking for any information regarding my Dad, John David Brownlee. He was a GE engineer at the AFB in Charleston, SC in 1959 when he was killed in an auto accident on Rifle Range Rd. Among his belongings was a ceramic beer stein with the squadron insignia, the year & his last name.
My mom died last year & we've just laid my grandmother to rest last week. Both women were tragically affected by his death & never recovered from the loss. At the time of his death, unbeknownst to my mother, she was 3 weeks pregnant with me. Neither of these women could bear to speak about my dad without completely losing it, so I am desperate for information about my dad. He is a myth & a legend that I am trying to make real. Any information would be so greatly appreciated
Most sincerely,
Elaine Simmons
Realtor, ABR, GRI
Subject: Sabre Piloits Assn
Date: Saturday, May 27, 2006 2:46 PM

The pictures below are pictures taken in the summer of 1955 at Itazuke AB, Japan. The formations are F-86F's of the 36th and 36th FBS, 8th FBW during a flyby for a Group or Wing Commanders departure. I flew in the formation and believe it might be the last formation that big (40 ship) since WWII and the only formation that large of the Sabre.

Pictures of me taken in Suwon (K-13) Korea in July 1954 prior to Wg move to Itazuke. Scarf of 36th FBS "Flying Fiends" (Again now at Osan AB, Korea as 36th TFS)

The 2nd Lt. Robert L. King
36th FBS Flying Fiends Scarf
Strap In
Line Up
Run Up
Flyby 1
Flyby 2
Flyby 3
Final Approach
Pre Touchdown
Subject: Joe Lynch-test pilot
Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 5:42 PM

It was very meaningful to me today to read a story published in 1993 by Neil Fossum titled " The Ramp Went Silent..." For you see, the pilot, Joe Lynch was my Father. It happened so many years ago, and yet it only seems like yesterday. My Father had been very upset about the construction of the tail of the plane and had spoken to my Mother about it alot before the air show. He told her it just did not feel right and she said she realized in thinking about it later, how very worried he was. North American attributed the accident to "pilot error", but none of the pilots thought that. We were coming home from the market that evening about 6:00 P.M. and my Mother mentioned that the car behind us looked familiar, but it passed our house. Then a little later, the doorbell rang, and the executives from North American were at the door. I may be wrong, but I think George Welch was killed 6 months later. My Father was very good friends with Bob Hoover, and Dan Darnell and the list goes on. Ironically, my Father was going to stop testing planes after this tour throughout the U.S.

After he died, his friends put together a book of pictures of my Father and all of the planes he flew or tested throughout his life. Also, framed pictures of him and the other pilots and models of all of the fighter planes.

My Mother never got over his death. She just died in January. I wish she could have read this story. Daddy became very religious before he was killed. Maybe he knew something. He was only 33.

Georgia Lynch McClure
Subject: member picture
Date: Monday, April 24, 2006

My father was George Robert Grosz Jr, passed in 2002.

I have a (see photo below), poster sized of Sabres over San Francisco I believe. Tail Numbers 23761, 23736, 23678, 23692. I dont know who the other pilots are nor the group all though they all have striped tails and bulls snorting on the side.

I'd like to get it to someone who might appreciate it, perhaps one of the other pilots or ??? well I don't know, but there has to be a better solution than the garbage.

Let me know what you think might be best.

G. Robert Grosz III

Subject: 1st Fighter 27th Squadron Rome, N.Y. 1950-51
Date: Friday, March 31, 2006

I would like to locate and contact members of the 1st Fighter 27th Squadron Rome, NY - 1950-51 era. I have just recently learned of an autobiography written by Lt. Col Robert W. Smith, titled, "" and my dad George "Buster" Helbing, was pictured with Lt. Joe Moore. students Joe Krumerine, Charlie Roby, Bob Smith, John McCulloch and Lloyd White. Other possible members could be John Honaker, Flight Commander Bill Wisner, Maj Robin Olds,and Maj Clayton Peterson. If you happen to know any of these gentleman or are one of these gentleman, please drop me an email or a phone call, I would like to talk with you regarding my dad. When I saw the picture from Lt Col Smiths book you couldn't believe how excited I was, perhaps there are other memories you could share. Look forward to hearing from you.

John Helbing
636 527 4213
Saint Louis, Mo

From: Trey Taylor
Subject: Giger Tiger Video
Date: Thursday, March 16, 2006


My grandfather served with the Giger Tigers unit, and we were recently trying to locate the video that the squadron produced, and from what I read, gained some amount of popularity for. We have applied him for the Wright Brother's Master Pilot Award recently, and for the ceremony would like to play this video. We were unable to locate it, although he is trying to contact some of his former squadronmates for copies of it. Is there any place I can purchase this video, or is there someone that has a copy of it that you would know of? If you could help me out with this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Trey Taylor

Subject: Sabre stuff
Date: Sunday, February 19, 2006 11:56 PM
It was my great pleasure to get to fly the F-86H at China Lake, California about 1972-75. We were converting them to "full-scale maneuvering targets" -- QF-86Hs. I love to tell about flying it. I tell that after making my first touch-and-go landing, I said "There's no need to practice any more; I'll never make a better landing than that." It was that easy to fly. I tell people that it was the sweetest flying plane I ever flew. (In the Navy I flew Banshees, Skyrays, Demons and Phantoms in carrier based squadrons, and numerous other jets during a 31-year career.)
I am planning on joining. I would like to see if I can locate anyone who flew with Henry A. Sibley, Jr. in 1951-52. He was a high school classmate. He went through F-86 training at Willie and then went to K-14 in Korea. Crash landed a Sabre at Kimpo about June 1952. Broke both ankles as well as his back. Medically retired. He was best man at my wedding in 1953. Died of lung cancer 8 April 1994; buried at Ft Sam Houston.
Tom Wimberly, Captain, USN Retired
Corpus Christi, Texas

From: Moschgat James E Col ACSC/CV James.Moschgat@MAXWELL.AF.MIL
Subject: F-86 Crash Near Prescott, Arizona
Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently met a retired AF colonel/pilot from Montgomery, Alabama who related a story about finding a crashed F-86 near Prescott, Arizona sometime around 1968. The colonel was hunting deer and came across scattered metal near the base of a sheer cliff. Further investigation turned up large pieces of wreckage, human bone fragments, and the pilot's helmet, unused parachute, and wallet, complete with cash and driver's license. The face of the cliff still bore unmistakable deep impact marks of the jet's 6 machine guns. The colonel reported his find to the authorities at Luke AFB where he was stationed. To the best of his recollection, he later learned the pilot and plane went missing in 1953 after taking off single-ship from Williams AFB en route to March AFB. The pilot, a young African-American lieutenant was never heard from again.

Can anyone shed any more light on this mishap? The colonel wasn't quite sure of his dates, but his recollections of the day he found the crashed F-86 seemed quite vivid. Does anyone know if the wreckage might still exist? I know Prescott has grown considerably since the 60s and many sites may have been disturbed by urban sprawl.


Subject: Buzz Aldrin's Sabre
Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 10:38 AM


I posted a query about The markings of Buzz Aldrin's Sabre on a website having a militayr forum and was directed to your page as a possible source for the information.

I represent the Buzz Aldrin Science Center and we are updating the Buzz's display to include not only his journey aboard Apollo but his military service as well. We would like to accurately model his F-86 and F-100 but are finding it terribly hard to learn what the markings were. Do you have any information/images that you could point me to? Thanks in advance.

Kev K

Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Subject: F-86 Info

Dear Sir: 54 years ago my dad was killed while on a training mission out of Griffiss AFB in Rome, NY. He was flying an F-86 at the time. The plane went down north of Rome approx. 30 miles in a heavily wooded area. Two weeks ago after doing some research from accident report I was able to visit the site where his plane went down. It is still there in a heavily wooded area. It is all broken up after it went thru a bunch of trees but it is there, the military did not take it out of the woods. I brought a few pieces of the plane home and I would like to identify them but will need some help from an aircraft mechanic that knows the plane well. On another note, maybe someone in your association knew my dad so I would like to provide some additional information and perhaps they would be willing to contact me and provide some insight, I was only 3 years old at the time of his death. His name was George H. Helbing, he was a 2nd LT, assigned out of Griffiss in the 1st Ftr Interc, 71st Ftr Int. His plane was an F 86 ASN A, SN 49-1203 A and the crash date was 13 Sep 1950. Appreciate any assistance or direction that you might be able to provide.
John E. Helbing
Ph 636 527 4213
St. Louis, Mo

The following is from military author Robert F. Dorr (Bob)

"Chopper: A history of American military helicopter operations from World War II to the War on Terror."

by Robert F. Dorr

(New York: Berkeley Caliber Books, 2005)
"Chopper" is a beautiful, new hardbound book (100,000 words and 100 photos) that covers U.S. helicopter pilots and crews in combat from the very beginning straight up to today's headlines. The cover price is $ 24.95. Bookstores and are offering "Chopper" at discounted prices.

What's different about this history of rotary wing combat is that the story is told in the first-person, in the words of the men (and one woman) who were there --- from the first, primitive Air Commando R-4 combat rescue in 1944 to a battle between Marine AH-1W Cobras and Iraqi tanks in 2003.

There's a new and different look at the battle of Ia Drang Valley in the words of men who flew UH-1D Hueys, and it covers events This is a story of helicopter pilots and crews in rescues, in covert operations, and in straightforward, point-blank fighting. There are extended segments on Medal of Honor missions. We encounter Marine Corps UH-34D and UH-1E crews. The first-person memoirs in this book cover all military service branches.

About the book's price: The cover price is $ 24.95. The lowest price for the book is available fom Currently, it's $ 16.45.

You can also get a personally inscribed copy by contacting Bob, or (703) 264-8950) --- and sending him a check for $ 28.88 (that's the undiscounted cover price plus priority mail postage plus three cents). If you're planning to do that, send Bob an e-mail message first.

Robert F. Dorr
3411 Valewood Drive
Oakton VA 22124
(703) 264-8950

From: "Levine, Joan" jlevine@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU Subject: 323rd FIS, 31st FIS, 440th FIS
Date: Friday, November 04, 2005 9:34 PM

As an enlisted man, I was a radio tech in the 323rd and 31st at Larson AFB all thru 1953, and with the 440th for 6months at Geiger field first half of 1954, went to Europe with it and stayed with it for another year. We went over on the US Tripoli (CVE-64) with another F-86D squadron. I believe we were the first to go to Europe,

I was also told the 323rd was the first tactical unit to get the "Dog" but could never verify this.

Do you know if there were any unit histories published of the 3 mentioned units...or any stories about them?

Our son has been asking me questions about what I did in service.


Gordon Levine

From: Jen E
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005
Subject: F-86H

Dear WebMaster;

I would like to thank you for having this wesite available (although not all the links are working properly).

I'm the new airport manager of the Jamestown Regional Airport (JMS) in Jamestown, ND. I began here in February of 2005. In 1970, the city was lucky enough to aquire an F-86H to put on display. Up until about 8-years ago the aircraft was maintained in the original condition it was brought to Jamestown. Unfortunately the aircraft fell into the hands of a well meaning, airport manager, who decided to "repaint" the plane. As a result, he ended up painting over the decals, tail number, among other things. I am unable to find photos of the original aircraft and the airport is trying to figure out whether the aircraft arrived with the camouflage paint as shown in the photo or was the traditional silver. The only identification I have with paper work says the aircraft is Serial #53-1253. We are also looking for the original history of this particular aircraft.

We are in the process of preparing for a city-wide 125th Anniversary and are kicking off the celebration with an airshow in 2008. As a result, the airshow committee is beginning the process of aquiring funding to refurbish the F-86H back to its original condition. If anyone in the Sabre Pilots Association, has any information about this particular aircraft or wants to donate time or money in the restoration of it, the Jamestown Regional Airport would be appreciative. Please send all information to or Jamestown Regional Airport, c/o Jennifer Eckman, P.O. Box 1560, Jamestown, ND 58402-1560

Thanks for any assistance in this matter.


Jennifer K. Eckman
Jamestown Regional Airport
P.O. Box 1560
Jamestown, ND 58402-1560

From: vincent prinsen
Subject: Markings of the F-86H of the 1st FDS
Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 4:24 AM

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Vincent Prinsen. I'm a 31 year old Dutch airline pilot. Currently I'm doing some research into the history of the 1st Fighter Squadron. Therefor I'm looking for any information on the markings of the F-86H's of the 1st FDS. Can you please help me in anyway?
Thank you very much,



From: Graham Pearcey
Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Greetings from Australia
I'm a writer working on a story involving F-86 jocks in the Korean war. I'm particularly interested to know of encounters with Soviet pilots who flew clandestine MiG 15 missions in the theatre, and of any special strategies that may have been devised to deal with them or tempt them south of the line -- well south of the 60 mile safety buffer they were supposed to observe.

I'm familiar with stories of 'Casey Jones', the Soviet pilot who won notoriety in the theatre, but any other yarns would be most welcome. For example, any anecdotes concerning the use of the Korean phrase books these pilots were supposed to use to conceal their combat presence, and how they were ultimately heard breaking into the mother-tongue, would be invaluable.

Love the stories, the tradition, the grit and the affection you guys retain for these remarkable birds.

Many thanks
Graham Pearcey
+ 61 7 3369 0247

From: "Bob Jasperson"
Subject: "An F-86H is Reborn"
Date: Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm trying to track down information about an F-86H that was featured in you magazine in the early 1990's. Ed Buerckholtz wrote several articles about the aircraft being acquired and restored by Spirit Fighters. I've found the first four articles on your web site but can't find the rest of the story. The aircraft, serial number 53-1250, has ended up in Minnesota where it has been donated to a local city to put out in a veterans memorial in a park and left to rot away. What a shame. We are hoping to convince them otherwise, but could use the story as to why the restoration was never completed. We tried to contact Spirit Fighters without success. Any help you could give us would be appreciated.

Bob Jasperson.

From: Lon Walter
Date: Friday, July 15, 2005

I am reading a recently released book, "Sabres Over MiG Alley", by Mr. Kenneth P Werrell. This is the most thoroughly researched and documented account of the F-86 that I have ever read. It is NOT a "coffee table" book, with slick pages and many photos (although there are about 20 photos), but reads like an F-86 textbook. In fact, it is a normal size hard-cover book (233 pages of text, plus 85 pages of footnotes, bibliography, and index). The author is a 1960 grad of the Air Force Academy, and has been a professor since leaving the Air Force. He cites MANY interviews, and includes MANY footnotes and an extensive bibliography. Bruce Hinton is quoted often, and Mr. Werrell gives praise to SabreJet Classics as a prime source of information about the F-86. He has many footnotes citing SJC, as well as Larry's and Warren Thompson's excellent Sabre books.

I quote from what Werrell calls a Bibliographic Essay: "There is considerable material of a mixed nature in magazines....Of these many periodicals I would emphasize three. SabreJet Classics is the organ of the F-86 Sabre Pilots Association that prints interesting and useful first person accounts; the magazine appears on the Internet........Larry Davis also published a lengthy, detailed, excellent, and extensively illustrated study of the F-86 in volumes 10 & 11 of [Wings of Fame]."

Although I have not finished reading the whole book, I have found only a few small errors - mostly poor editing. In one case, the author says that Jim Jabara became history's first jet ace on 20 April 1951 (wrong month), then later he mentions the correct date - 20 May 1951. Overall, the mass of correct information is more than I've ever seen in one place.

Gents, I commend this book to each of you, and you can learn more by clicking on:


A Google search for "Sabres Over MiG Alley" will turn up several other sites (including Amazon).


From: Davidson CIV Ray
Subject: RE: John E. Southerland
Date: Monday, July 11, 2005 9:54 AM


I am a syndicated columnist and am researching the loss of 1st Southerland. Can you put me in contact with any of the other pilots on Southerland's flight.

John E Southerland was a F-86 pilot lost on June 6, 1953. He was number two in a four man flight. He will be the first MIA from Korea I will do an article on. If any of the pilots are still alive they can give me an accounting of the mission itself.

Ray Davidson
Program Analyst
Amphibious Assault Vehicle

From: Deb Ann Phelan
Subject: Re: John Findley Knight F-86 pilot
Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2005


My name is Deb Ann Phelan and I live in San Luis Obispo, California. My email address is but I will be changing to sbcglobal shortly. I hope to keep the same user name. This is also my Yahoo messenger user ID (longspur36).

Below is a post I made last night to regarding my dad. Today I received a return post that referred me to your site. I have decided that I have wasted enough time just wondering if there is any way to find someone who knew dad; and now I'm looking.


Yipes!...I hope I don't goof this up! First time post, flying w/o an engineer this eve. My name is Deb Ann and I'm searching for anyone that might have flown in Korea with my Dad. He was Air Force and flew F-86s.

His name was John Findley Knight. He passed away several years ago after a long battle with cancer. I did get to know Galen Fox who lived here on the central coast of California, but he is gone now too. I'm very proud of all of you, but I really would like to see if I could try to find anyone who knew him. He, as most of you probably feel...did not want to talk about Korea.

My parents divorced years before my dad died and my mom is still alive. Unfortunately very bitter still. She happened to come across a connection to a pilot who flew with Dad who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, but Mom will not make the contacts for me to make the connection. I'm trying to reach out now. I'm back and forth between Phoenix for rifle matches once in a while and would love to be able to connect there, or with anyone else who might have known Dad. Thank you Gentlemen!

All the Best,
Deb Ann

From: Richard Hermann
Subject: Lt. James A. Arnold, 51st FIS Gp Korea
Date: Saturday, April 30, 2005
I was a high school student at the same high school as Lt. James A. Arnold. He was a senior when I was a freshman in 1947. We went to a small Catholic school, St. Pats, in Walla Walla, WA. I can always remember Jimmy giving the nuns a hard time but he was respected and loved by all the teachers and students. Also one of our top basketball players. My brother dated his sister, Delores, before going into the seminary. While in the seminary he corresponded with Jim while he was in Korea.until his death. Jimmy gave me my first airplane ride in a Luscomb Silvair in 1950. He loved to fly and one time while he was home, on leave, during jet fighter training he kept us in awe about what he was going through.
The reason for this message is to locate a pilot who flew with Jimmy during the Korean conflict. I was in the Air Force myself when he went down in Mar 1952. I was in Germany at the time and had a subscription to the local paper. His picture was on the front page of the paper because of his credit for 1/2 Mig shot down but also mentioned his death, which about floored me. It would be grateful if I could here from a person who new or flew with him. Did he fly lead or wing on missions? Could you give me details on his last mission. I've heard allot of second and third hand stories but would like to hear about him from someone who flew or was close to him.
His resting place is near our family plot and he is remembered every memorial day. Lt. James Arnold, 51st FIS Gp. Korea
Sincerely, Dick Hermann

From: Victor Bebel
Subject: Searching a Sabre pilot
Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dear Sir

I'm a french USAF 1950/60 era's history enthusiast. I'm searching career informations on a F-86 pilot who named MAGGERT. I believe he was in the 474 FBS/FTW about 1955/1956 and flew on F-100 in 1957/58. Please could you say me if you are any informations about him.

I'm sorry for my poor english. Thank you for any response you can do.

Franck Bellucci (Lyon - France)

From: Hesse Nathaniel B Capt 494 FS/DOD Nathaniel.Hesse@LAKENHEATH.AF.MIL
Subject: Gen Erwin A. Hesse
Date: Friday, April 08, 2005


My name is Nate Hesse, and Gen Hesse is my granddad. He was my inspiration as a kid, and remains one of my heroes to this very day. I remember sitting at his house in Jacksonville, FL looking at all his pictures from his old squadrons. He was the reason that I fly fighters today. He flew the F-86 in Korea as a member of the Fourth Fighter Group, and is credited with a MiG kill. My hero passed away last September, and with him passed most of his stories about the war, even the story of his MiG kill. I could never get him to talk about it, even when supplied with a couple of beers. It was my wish to have him tell me himself, in his words, what those days were like, but as it stands, I'll happily settle for the stories second hand, so that I might pass those stories to the rest of my family, as well as my own children. If you know of anyone out there who might have anything written down about him, especially his kill, could you please have them contact me? Here is my contact info:

Nate Hesse

Capt Nate Hesse
494 FS D-Flight Commander

From: Perrin AFB Pilots Association
Subject: A neat story about one of your Sabre members
Date: Monday, April 11, 2005

Dear Sabre Pilots Association.

My name is Shannon Thomas and I am one of the founders and directors of the Perrin AFB Research Foundation and Perrin Pilots Association
I am a young man to the standards of an F-86 Pilot, I am only 36 years old, and I am a Texas State Highway Patrol Trooper by profession.
It just so happens our office is across the street from an American Legion that has an F-86L model on static display. It has been there since I was a kid back in the early seventies, and I get the privilege of seeing it every time I drive to my office. The Dog was originally at Perrin AFB years ago.
Since I am kind of a junior historian for the former Perrin AFB I usually keep an eye out for things that could have had anything to do with Perrin Field.
I published a Perrin AFB commemorative history book last summer with Turner Publishing company, which I thought turned out really well.
There is a story about one of your members in here somewhere.
A good while back I was on patrol near the Oklahoma State line in Denison Texas, Denison is just a few miles northeast of the former Perrin AFB.
Anyone who served there would remember downtown Denison, and many of the guys that served at Perrin AFB from 1952 to 1962 flew the F-86 D and L models.
Anyway I stopped a car on highway 84 traveling east at a pretty good speed over the limit.
I walked up to the drivers side and I asked the driver, and older gentleman for his drivers license, and he presented to me a Louisiana drivers license.
I asked him why he was driving so fast, and he said he was on his way to the hospital, that his wife's sister was in very bad heath.
He seemed very sincere, so I asked him to slow it down so he would make it to the hospital safely and I issued him a written warning for his speed.
As I had been talking to the man I noticed on his shirt was an embroidered image that said F-86 Sabre Pilots Association.
As he was signing his warning I commented about his shirt and he said he had been stationed at Perrin in the late 1950's and had went through the F-86L program there.
I told him that I had figured as much, then I told him about my interest in Perrin. We spoke about his time at Perrin for a only a few minutes.
He told me that he had dated and then married a local Denison girl while he was stationed and trained at Perrin. I can honestly say that I have heard that a time or two.
His wife's sister still resided in the Denison area and they had drove in from Louisiana because of her health.
The man thanked me for the warning and he was on his way, and the traffic stop didn't cross my mind much after that.
One day sometime later I walked in to my office and my supervisor called me over and he handed me a letter that had been address to my office.
The letter was from the Sabre Pilot that I had stopped for speeding a few sometime back.
The letter commended me for my professionalism and courtesy and again thanked me for writing him a warning.
The letter went on to tell me that his sister in-law had passed away later that same afternoon, and that he and his wife had taken the blunt of the responsibility regarding her finances after her death. He told me that the last thing he would have needed was to have had to pay a ticket. My Sgt. told me good job and that a copy of the letter would be placed in my personnel file.

I don't remember the Sabre pilots name, but I sure would like to have him come to the Perrin AFB Pilots reunion that I am hosting this summer in June. I would like to have the opportunity to set down and visit with him for a while in an unofficial capacity. If the F-86 Sabre Pilots Association has anyway of helping me find your Louisiana members that served at Perrin I sure would appreciate it.

Sincerely and respectfully submitted

Trooper Shannon E Thomas

Subject: looking for information
Date: Thursday, March 24, 2004

I am searching for anyone who knew my father, Kenneth (Ken) Ellis, at Perrin, an F86 Sabre pilot with the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing in both Kimpo, Korea and Chitose, Japan. We lost him in Viet Nam, but I would love to have you share any memories or photos that you might have. After leaving hitose, he was transferred to Chambley, France (21st Fight Interceptors) and then Landstuhl/Ramstein (53rd fighter bomber). We lost Daddy at far too young an age (53) but Mother said that he would have wanted to be in the thick of it, no matter what. Now we want to put together memories for his grandson.

Thank you so much,

Kathleen Anne Ellis

From: "Uwe & Martina Benkel"
Subject: F-86 crashsites in Germany
Date: Sunday, February 27, 2005


my name is Uwe Benkel from Heltersberg/Germany.

I`m doing research on crashsites of aircraft in the area where I live. There are two crashsites of F-86 in the Kaiserslautern - Pirmasens area. At one site we found a little plate with the following:

Aircraft Mod.: F 86 D
Part No.: 16531010 200
Cont No.: AF 22303
Serial No.: 5040
Contr.Insp.: ANA U 50

Is there a listing of F 86-crashsites in Germany?
Can anyone help?


Uwe Benkel

Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2005
Subject: Captain John H. Paris Jr

I was wondering if any Sabre pilots knew Capt Joohn H.Paris Jr. He and my dad flew F-86s together. Capt Paris was killed in a Sabre crash at Hanscom AFB in the fall of 1963. I have very dim memories of him when I was in the scouts. I was in the 4th grade when he died and remember the shock on learning of his death.

That shock would be repeated several more times as I learned of the deaths of fathers of grade school classmates who died in the Vietnam war. We lived next to Stewart AFB in NY and several of us had dads who were USAF pilots.

As an aside, I am still writing a history of USAF air demonstration teams, and making some good progress in this project.


From: "julian logan"
Subject: Looking for my uncle
Date: Thursday, February 03, 2005 10:00 PM


I came across your F-86 site by typing my name in a search engine. It came up with "E" FLIGHT FROM CHITOSE by Cliff Winter. In that article was my name! Except it was really the name of my uncle Julian Logan for whom I am named.

My father, (Julians brother) and Grandparents (Julians parents) are all deceased, and I never really got a whole lot of info about uncle Julian's escapades in the service. Julian was killed on takeoff in Tuscon AZ in 1956, I was named for him in 958. I have a few of his things as keepsakes, and spent many hours with my Grandparents caring for his gravesite in Gadsden, AL,but never really heard a whole lot about his military service. I recently learned of him having to bail out I believe in NM in the early 50's, and believe he had to do the same once in Korea.

I am hoping through your site I might be able to learn more about my uncle Julian, and possibly be pointed to where I might obtain some incident reports, and perhaps even contact some the men he served with. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Julian E. Logan
5096 West Pt Rd
Lagrange, GA 30240


Subject: F-86L On Display in Colorado Springs
Date: Thursday, January 06, 2005

Greetings from the Peterson Air and Space Museum to all Sabre Pilots!

In case you didn't know, we have an F-86L, s/n 53-0782 on display here. It is in the markings of the 322nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Larsen AFB, WA. You can see how she looks at

Just taking a shot at it, but if anyone out there has any remembrances or photographs that include this particular aircraft we'd love to hear from you. We are always looking for things that will help us tell this jet's story. Or if you have any F-86L memorabilia that you would consider donating, please keep the Pete Museum in mind.

Thanks for your service.

Jeff Nash
Pete Museum Director

From: "Morton Mumma III"
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Subject: Request for info

One of our members, Alexander Strange, is listed in "Folded Wings" with a date of death in October 1994. Does anyone have a current or earlier address for his widow, Cynthia? She was a good friend of my wife in 1950-51 at Neubiberg Air Base, Germany. At that time she was married to Lt. George Kintner, killed in an F-84E crash in Germany in 1951. She and George had a young son, George, Junior, born at 98th General Hospital in Munich in early 1951. We would also appreciate any leads to an address for George, Junior.

Morton C. Mumma III

From: GBS
Subject: Trying to find a pilot
Date: Saturday, September 18, 2004

Great site! I am in the process of starting a search for a F-86 pilot who has passed away. His family does not have a lot of information on him since their house burnt down and they lost all of his records. Any suggestions and ideas as to how I can go about finding more about his squadron and experience in Korea would be greatly appreciated.

His name was Howard Asarkof, as of right now I am not even sure of his rank. He might have been stationed at Hanscom AFB in Maine, but that is about all I know at this time. Like I said, I am just starting out on this search.

Once again, thank you in advance and great web site!


William Freund
Plantation, FL

Subject: Sabre Pilots
Date: 7/24/2004 me
From: HenryLMaroisJr

I am a project manager with the Maine Air Museum and we are attempting to contact F-86D pilots who were in the 49FIS stationed at Dow AFB(Bangor). We are inviting them to erect a permanent display at our museum inthe new Military Aviation Wing of the museum. The 49th flew "Dogs" at Dow and at Hanscom. Later PCS to Griffis AFB, NY and they were TDY to Loring AFB, ME. Anyone interested please contact Hank Marois at
Subject: Gun Blast Panel
Date: 7/15/2004

I have an F-86 Sabre Jet Gun Blast Panel Display (see attached photo) available. This panel has been polished and was used as a display. If any of the members have an interest, let us know. Thanks.

From: "Julie Mullin"
Subject: Looking for Information about RCAF pilots serving with American squadron, Korea, 1952-1953
Date: Friday, June 11, 2004

I am looking for information about F/O Brian J. Mullin. Brian Mullin was in Korea during 1952 and 1953. Although a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, he was serving with an American squadron. From what I was told, only 22 Canadian fighter pilots fought in Korea including Brian and his brother Charlie. The unit name they were on exchange with was the 36th or 37th American fighter wing(group?). Also, they flew versions of the F86 Sabre aircraft. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Julianne Mullin
JMG Group Consulting Ltd.
1282 Richardson St.
t. 250.592.3156
f. 250.592.3158

From: RJ Sule
Subject: Geiger Tigers
Date: Thursday, April 15, 2004

I'm looking for a Gale B. Anstine who was a Geiger Tiger in 1957 at Geiger AFB, Spokane. Gale flew the F-86D.
v Robert J. Sule
Massaro Properties LLC
120 Delta Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone: (412) 963-2800, ext. 278
Fax: (412) 408-0003

From: Joe Patrick
Subject: The Artic Gladiators
Date: Friday, April 30, 2004


My father, Joe Patrick Sr. flew F-86's in the early 50's. He flew with, in Alaska, an aerobatic team called The Artic Gladiaors. I am trying to get more info on this team and would love to find some photographs. Can you help me?

The Sabre Jet has always been his favorite ( he retired after getting checked out in the F-101). He taught me to fly many years ago and I wanted to suprise him with some good old fighter jet stuff. He still smells like JP-4

Thank-you very much
Joe Jr.

From: Don Maher
Subject: Sure could use your help
Date: Monday, May 03, 2004

I am looking for an F-86 pilot named Niel VanGelder. I have searched all the sites I could but see no mention of his name. As a young teenager I remember talking with him and a B-17 pilot and listened intently as they talked with there hands. I have never know this man to be anything but honest so I never bothered to look.

Any help you may provide would be greatly appreciated.

Don Maher

From: keith barroncini
Subject: info on 357th
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2004

To whom it may concern,

I was flipping threw some web pages and found this site. Good job. I do have a request. My father-in-law was stationed in Morocco during the early '50's as a mechanic on F-86's. His unit was the 357th fighter squadron. For a long time, he has be trying to locate a cap with the squads patch but has been unable to locate one. My wife and I have been assisting him in this and we too have ran into a wall.

If the is someone within your organization who knows how we could obtain on, please e-mail me at .

Thank you and God Bless. Keith Barroncini

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004
From: Stanley Parker
Subject: F-86 markings

I am currently building a series of 1/48th scale plastic models of the day fighter aircraft flown by USAAF/USAF Groups in WW2 and Korea. I was wondering if you could help me with the F-86 markings of Gus Grissom and Buzz Aldrin (2 Sabre kills) who flew F-86's in Korea. Any help andassistance would be appreciated.

Stan Parker

From: Dudley Henriques
Subject: A pilot needs some information
Date: Sunday, January 11, 2004

My name is Dudley Henriques. I'm a retired professional pilot. I'm interested in your help if you can, in locating anyone who might have served in the old 142nd FS Delaware ANG when the squadron was flying F86A's. I'm particularly interested in locating anyone who knew Captain James R. Shotwell, a pilot in the 142nd at that time. Jim was killed in an 86 crash at New Castle in March of 55.
Can you help?
Thank you very much,

Dudley Henriques
Past President 1971-1985
International Fighter Pilots Fellowship
Commercial Pilot/ CFI Retired

From: Daniel Freedman
Subject: Sabre Spares
Date: Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Dear Sir/Mam,
I just visited your most exhiting site.
I direct a UK company called 'Aircraft Parts International Supply Co. Ltd. that buy & sell parts for early post war jets.We have a large supply of parts for the Sabre F-86 & seek customers world wide.
Any help & info would be great.
Thank you,
Daniel Freedman

From: DEBOECK Marc
Subject: Modelling 4th FIG F-86E Sabre
Date: Monday, December 29, 2003

Dear sir,

I am looking for information about a particular Sabre for a modelling project. I recently picked up a long-out-of-print decal sheet to model F-86 FU-831 "Wham Bam" flown by 1Lt. Martin Bambrick with the 335th FIS in Summer 1952 at Kimpo, South Korea (1 MiG-15 "kill" on 04 Sep 1952). According to the instructions' sheet this is a F-86F-30-NA, but when going through the subject information that I have available, I am convinced that "Wham Bam" was a F-86E instead.

Although there is a lot of information concerning the F-86, its involvement in the Korean War, etc., I have so far failed to come up with any conclusive material as regards this particular aircraft. Therefore I'd like to ask if you, or any members of the Sabre Pilots Organisation, would have or could direct me to any information and / or photographs of this aircraft & its pilot, as I want to make an as historically correct as possible model.

Your help in this would be greatly appreciated.


Marc Deboeck
Galerijstraat 3
B-1130 Linter, Belgium
Tel +32 11 69 10 78
Fax +32 11 69 25 89

From: Deborah K. Smith "
Subject: f-86s in Korea
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2003


I'm searching for information / memorabilia re: Nellis AFB, F-86s, and the Korean War for my father who was a flight mechanic in the USAF during Korea and still regards the F-86 as "his airplane."

My father left the airforce after 10 years of service and has recently become nostalgic about his service days. I'd like very much to supply him with memorabilia/books/other information (or even contacts who may have known him then).

If anyone remembers Keevan Smith from Nellis or Korea during the War, please let me know. I'm sure he'd like to hear from you. Not sure what years he was in Korea, but was at Nellis around 1959, when my sister was born.

Meanwhile, if you have suggestions re: "neat" memorabilia (I'm clueless here), I'd appreciate this as well.

Thanks for any help you can give,

Dr. Deborah K Smith

Subject: 1st Lt. Albert Randall Hamilton, Jr. - Korea - 36th Squadron - Ja nuary - June 1953
Date: Friday, December 12, 2003

Please use this email:

I'm looking for anyone who knew my father, Albert Hamilton. He was in the 36th Fighter Bomber Squadron in Korea - January - June 1953. He was killed in the C 124 crash on June 18.

I found some photos of him at this website: and I found your association's link through that site, too.

Lt. Escalle's nephew has been helpful to me, but I'd like more information on my father's personal characteristics, etc. I was 11 months old when he left for Korea. My mother remarried after his death. I would very much appreciate any information your members might have.

Thank you.

Ms. Terry Hamilton Mathews
Winnsboro, Texas

From: John Clark
Subject: Colonel William Powell Litton
Date: Thursday, December 11, 2003

I am writing you to see if you might have any information on my Grandfather, Colonel William (Bill) Powell Litton of Shaw, Mississippi. He was Wing Commander of the 51st Fighter Wing in Korea. He was killed on November 2, 1951 on a flight from Itami air base Japan to Tsuiki air base Japan. I have some information on him but I am always looking for more. That is how I came across your web site. How would I go about finding out if any of your members knew him? Thanks for helping out.

John Clark
Sampson Bladen Oil Co., Inc.

From: Jonathan Strickland
Subject: Building an F-86 DVD
Date: Monday, November 17, 2003 9:48 AM


I building an F-86 DVD utilizing archive footage and need the help of the Sabre-Pilots Assocaition. I would like to conduct phone interviews with Sabre pilots and/or ground crew who were attached to the following units:

4th FIW (Korea)
51st FIW (Korea)
527th FBS (Landstuhl, Germany)
86th, 36th, 48th FBWs (especially if they took part in the Wheelus Geunnery Meet, May-June 1954)

Any help in the matter will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Jonathan Strickland
Aircraft Films

Subject: FAFSIS
Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I was assigned to the 6157 FAFSIS squadron in 1956. I read the article by Capt. Paul Kauttu. I remember him and most of the other names in the article.

FT. MYERS FL 33903

From Jim Perry, MSgt (Ret), USAF
Subject: Request for AF Patches
After retiring from the Air Force, I started collecting group and squadron patches from Air Force Units. I collect fromWWII to present day units, so any patches sent to me will be greatly appreciated and will become an asset to my collection. If you are able to send me a patch or patches could you also send me a history of the time you were with the squadron, the type of aircraft you flew and the primary mission of the squadron. I catalogue each patch I receive as I have displayed my collection at air shows, VFWs, and American Legions in the Charleston area. I served at eleven different bases during my career and only wished I sarted collecting many years ago as it is getting difficult to find patches.

Jim Perry, Msgt (Ret), USAF
5028 Hidden Forest Lane
North Charleston, SC 29420
(843)207 8739

Subject: Former German Air Force Sabres
Date: Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Dear Sir,

For a german publication i am searching for informations and fotos of two former German Air Force Canadair Sabres.

The first aircraft (c.n.1600, ex N82FS, N186JC) was sold by Tracor Flight Systems in 1996 to Stephen L. Snyder. It crashed in June 1999. Snyder tragically died in this accident. The aircraft had the markings of Lt. Warren Efting's Sabre (FU 186). Efting was the slotman of the "Skyblazer"aerobatic team in 1955/56 at Chaumont Air Base in France. The plane looked very similar to the AT&T; Sabre (FU 201) which is excellent performed on flight display by Dale Snodgrass. On the News, Notes and Comments Page you will find a message from April 1th, 2002, with a nice drawing by Rusty Andreasen. It shows Snyder's Sabre, not that one Snodgrass is flying.

The second aircraft (c.n.1675, N80FS) was sold by Tracor Flight Systems in 1998 to Albert C. Hansen. Since 2001 it is owned by Richard F. Lande.

Kind regards

Holger Bernau
Westerland, Germany

From: Mario Warnaar
Subject: 32nd TFS "Wolfhounds" of the USAF(E)
Date: Sunday, September 07, 2003

I was searching for information about Soesterberg AFFB and saw at your website an article from "Tex" Henry among other things about his assigment with the 32nd squadron.

I'm a former Soesterberg AFB K9 handler (RNLAF) and made a website about the 32nd squadron of the USAF(E) and still seeking for Wolfhounds related photos. Do you have these and want to share them? Of course you'll get the credits and a link to your website.

Have a nice day,


From: William Barcus
Subject: Luther Barcus
Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Dear Sir,
My name is William Barcus. My uncle Luther passed away last year. He was the sole survivor of a Sabre crash on October 18, 1950. Would you be kind enough to send me any information about him and his accident. He was my favorite uncle.

Thank you very much,

William Barcus
3980 4th Street,
Vero Beach, Fl. 32968

From: "John A. Carter"
Subject: F-86 Sabre Jet and the 168th Fighter Squadron
Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Can you send me any information about the 168th Fighter Squadron? I'd also like to have any pictures you may have of aircraft assigned to the squadron.

I'm a member of the 168th Air Refueling Wing and I'm doing a project for our Wing. I'm building models of the aircraft our Wing has flown since it's original inception as the 437th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) in WWII. These models will be displayed in our Wing's trophy case once they are all completed.

Any information you can provide me will help me accurately reproduce the F-86 that we flew in the 50's. Pictures (color especially) will allow me to accurately reproduce the paint and nose art from one of the planes assigned to the squadron.

Thank you,

John A. Carter
Maintenance Control & Analysis
168th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Eielson AFB, AK

From: Clark Acton Date: Thursday, June 19, 2003

My father was a crew chief on the F-86D's and F-47's for the 444th FIS at Charleston, SC from about 1954-57. I am hoping that one or more of your members could help me with my attempt to put together a tribute to my father. About a month ago his Air Force service came up as a topic in conversation and I got the idea to make a model of one of the aircraft he was crew chief on. Unfortunately, he lost all of his photos and unit patch (along with his house!) in a fire about 12 years ago. I was trying to get the model done rapidly as a surprise for him, when he finally lost the battle with cancer last week. I would still like to finish the model, but now I don't have him to ask any of the detail questions I have. Is it possible for me to contact your members in some way, to find out if anyone has any photos or recollection of the planes and markings from his unit?

I appreciate your taking time to read this, thank you.


Clark Acton
Model Shop Supervisor
Art Center College of Design
1700 Lida Street; Pasadena, CA 91103
phone: (626) 396-2284; fax: (626)396-4204

From: jerry robinson
Subject: RE: F-86D's assigned 11th FIS, Duluth, MN Colors & Markings
Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Dear "Saber Folks",

I have been searching the web for the last 6-months...looking for info, pictures, diagrams, etc. regarding NA F-86D's ASSIGNED to the 343rd Fighter Interceptor Group, 11th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, based out of Duluth AFB, Duluth, MN ....(1953 - 1955 )......I need help in being pointed in the right direction as to books, websites, photos, drawings, paintings, etc....SHOWING THE COLORS, TAIL MARKINGS, SQUADRON INSIGNIA, BUZZ NUMBERS, & SER NO.s of representative F-86D aircraft of the 11th FIS.

I am a retired Honeywell worker, ex-Air Force Vet, age 60....I am trying to find accurate color, sqdn markings of the 11th FIS's F-86D Sabres, F-89D Scorpions, and F-102A Dueces....but most important, those of the F-86D. I am "going broke" purchasing books & magazines, etc...trying to find this info. My goal is to assemble & paint an accurate 1/72nd and 1/48th scale model of an 11th FIS F-86D aircraft, with authentic markings & colors.

If anyone knows which book, publication, etc...which has graphic depiction of this subject (and not general generic F-86D material), I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction...I would be quite willing to pay a "reasonable price" for this data.

Thank you,

Gerald T. Robinson 9223 Clyde Avenue Duluth, MN 55808-1241 Phone: (218) 626-4753

Subject: John King
Date: Friday, May 16, 2003

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am seeking to trace events surrounding the death of Fg Off J E Y (John) King while flying an F86 Sabre during the Korean War.I was a very young schoolboy at St Bartholomew's Grammar School in Newbury, Berkshire, England, when John King was Head Boy (late 1940s). From school, John went to the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell for pilot training, and graduated as top cadet and presented with the Sword of Honour. After service with the RAF, he was posted to the USA for F86 Sabre conversion before going to Korea. I understand that he was killed on an F86 mission there.By coincidence, I followed in some of his footsteps, in the sense that I joined the Royal Air Force in 1951, did my 'wings' pilot training in Canada, and after jet conversion was posted to No 26 Squadron based at Oldenburg in North Germany, flying Vampires. Shortly after arrival there (1953) I was amazed to see - while reading through the Squadron diary - a picture of all the 26 pilots some years earlier on a firing practice session at Westerland airfield on the island of Sylt with John King to the fore. Some months later, 26 Squadron re-equipped with with the Canadair-built F86E or Mark 4 as the RAF called it, so I had nearly two glorious years flying the Sabre before we re-equipped again with the Hunter Mk4. If anyone who flew in Korea and knew John King could tell me anything about him and his time with the USAF I would be most grateful.
Charles Keil

Subject: F-86 Pilots (335th FIS - 4th Wing)
Date: Monday, April 21, 2003

I recently attended the F-86 Pilots Reunion as a MIA family member of Capt T.G. Cope. Is it possible to get a list of F-86 pilots who were stationed at Kimpo AFB in 1952 that were a part of the 335th FIS? If so, could you tell me who could provide that information? I would only want those that are still living. Also, I most assuredly do appreciate the opportunity to talk to other pilots that flew in the Korean War around the same time as Capt Cope. We are in the process of trying to recover dogtags and possibly remains from China. Thanks for your time and assistance. We are most grateful.

C. G. Cope

Subject: 561st Fighter-Bomber sq
Date: Saturday, February 15, 2003

I am trying to research my father-in-law's, Lt Col (ret) Robert Hartzog, F-86 squadron from Etain, France (where my wife was born). From what we gathered, he was with the 561st Fighter Bomber Squadron, which was either part of the 388th Wing or 49th Ftr Bomber Group (I believe he started in Clovis, NM). I have done some web-searching and confirmed those units, but there is not much more out there that goes into much more detail. Do you have any suggestions or information? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Frank J. Kuska

Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003
From: Mark Derse
Subject: F-86 Question


I am doing some research and have hit many dead ends with my following question. I am hoping maybe some one from your organization could help me. I am trying to find out who (list of names - team) designed/engineered the idea and final design of the North American F-86 fighter jet. If you could shed some light I would appreciate it greatly. Also if you could point me in a direction that could back up your answer or where I could do further research.

Thank you & regards,

Mark Derse




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