Wade Meyer's Artwork of Wally Yocum and FU-539

"Sweet Rose" - completed December 8, 2020

Artist: Wade Meyers


I have been appreciating art more, so with it being the end of 2020 - figured it would be a good boost to have a great start to 2021. My original idea was to have the tribute NASCAR with a blend of the airplane in the background. It would of highlighted the 2020 year in review. After scoping out artist on facebook and their personal websites, I found Wade Meyers to have an excellent resume. Due to Wades concern of NASCAR being involved, I decided to have him update a family classic photo of my father. Wade did his art style with hints of color to the media. The blue nose, the red Sweet Rose and my dads white shirt made a perfect patriotic American theme drawing. "Sweet Rose" is included on his personal site here: https://www.wademeyersstudios.com/collections/65895

Below is a screen shot from January 4, 2021. All screen shots and facebook photos are copywright ©Wade Meyers 2014-2021.

Wade Meyers

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Personal webpage: Wade Meyers Studios

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November 29, 2020

December 6, 2020

December 8, 2020