Fundraising for the Replica FU-539 Paint Scheme 2019

Notes are from the Planes of Fame website

To view the artwork larger: Site Sketch

October 15, 2019

Hi Eric,

Thank you for the article! I printed it and have it up in my office ?

Just wanted to give you a quick update: we are over 30% complete toward the Sweet Rose goal! The project as a whole is now 76% funded, so we're getting there!!

We also have an updated site plan. The original site plan did not include any features on the far side of the F-86. A path will now encircle the F-86 to provide a 360 view of the aircraft. Much better to view the Sweet Rose/Dreaded Gomboo paint scheme! We also made a few minor adjustments to the path and memorial circle. We replaced the bridge with a reproduction of the "MiG Alley" sign and we are changing the paint scheme on the MiG from a Russian to a North Korean to more accurately reflect the conflict. The original memorial had a full size bronze statue of a Korean War solider, after pricing out the statues, we decided to scale down to the battle cross type statue. It will represent the "boots on the ground" and the sacrifices made during the war. Once I have a good image of the statue, I will share that with you, for now I have attached a sketch. The memorial circle is now slightly larger and includes more educational displays, we have also added signage outside of the circle specifically for the F86 and MiG. The storyboard for these are in development but we certainly include the Sweet Rose story.

We're working on 3D Renderings now and I'll share them with you when we have them complete.

Warm Regards,

- Jane Hinton

To view the rendered pictures larger: First person view / Aerial view



Project Donors - Thanks to you all!


Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. In honor of Ken Ewing

Richard Ewing

Bob Ewing

Eric Yocum

Ken Yocum

Thomas Yocum

Stephanie O'Leary

Josh Hughes

Kevin King

Willard Dunbar Jr. - 336th Rocketeer pilot

Greg Davies

Tom & Nancy Bentz

Otha Vaughn

Amy Telg

Nancy Ewing

Aurora Paraoan

Conan Garrett

Amy Pratt

Groove Subaru

Robert Ewing

Gates Family

Ginger Barkley




Paint scheme project donation milestone:

It took only 126 days to raise the donation amount! It began on August 8, and was fully funded December 12, 2019.

Planes of Fame Korean War memorial milestones:

On August 2 - The Korean War memorial was 53% funded for their $75,000 goal. On September 16, it was 62% funded. On December 20, it was 94% funded.




December 17 , 2019

An article about the Planes of Fame museum and the Dreaded Gomboo / Sweet Rose paint scheme was mailed out on December 17 to all of the KWVA members (November - December 2019 Vol 33, No 6) . In August, Susan Kee mentioned about posting an article in The Graybeards magazine to help get the word out about the memorial and fund raising for the paint scheme. She mentioned this nationally distributed magazine goes to all the Korean War Veterans across the US (about 30,000 veterans!). The link to the article is: or a reduced version: Graybeards FU-539



The beginning of the project.. Aviators Hot Line (circa 2012)


We are up to #65!!! Keep voting!! Get Planes of Fame Air Museum in the top 10 for thePepsi Refresh Grant for $50,000 to build a Korean War Memorial featuring the MiG-15and F-86 aircraft. Copy and paste this link into your browser: or text 110864 to 73774.

Please Vote - We must never forget; even though the Korean War is known by some asthe "Forgotten War", there should never be forgotten Heroes... Help us Honor thoseHeroes! Vote to make this memorial a reality! Vote for those heroes!

Remember you can vote twice every day; once on line and once by texting your vote...spread the word!
Planes of Fame Air Museum's Mission is to: Preserve Aviation History, Inspire Interestin Aviation, Educate the Public and Honor Aviation Pioneers and Veterans. We arebreaking ground on a Korean War Memorial located on a quarter acre of the Museumcampus to Honor our Veterans who sacrificed all to keep the Korean people free. Pleasevote on the 'Pepsi Refresh Project' site to help us make this important project a realityin 2012...

Aviators Hot Line

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