History/Evolution behind the Logo and Car Designs



Original Inspiration for the "Tribute to a Hero" logo

Tom started working with Snow Racing in 2017. He always had a knack to be part of a racing operation. In 2018, while helping, he had the notion to sponsor the race car. His sponsorship logo was to honor our father by designing the graphics after his USAF career in Korea. Wally was a crew chief for the 336th Rocketeers, 4th fighter wing. Tom modified the logo to place our fathers name in while still referencing the original 336th.



Evolution of the 2018 race car design

Tom asked me to help put the design from his mind and sketch in a file he could show and have printed out. By placing the image on a computer, he could up look and modify the design to help what he envisioned. In these images, the logo inceases from size, and changes from gold to bright yellow for attraction to the logo. I thought of adding the words on the sides of the hood would be a throw back to the older generation of stock cars with the cubic inch displacement. Growing up with older brothers, I got to see all the models they made of the older race cars. Below was a section of our basement wall displaying such models.

The final result:



Click here to see the 2018 "Tribute to a Hero" race car and team page.



Additions in 2018...

The #0 car was already racing at this point. Tom had a sketch and asked if any other thoughts can be placed into putting graphics on the sides versus just the hood, trunk and rear. The real car never was updated in any of the above trims, but was fun to play with ideas. The eagle was inspired from the 4th fighter wings 75th anniversary eagle paint job.




Silver #15 with the 4th fighter wing eagle design.

Black #15 - this is where I incorporated the Korean War Hero on the back of the car. Just seemed awesome.

Black #77 - it's the last design I came up with before feeling I needed a 3D view.

It's 2020 - and Tom has desire to find a way to sponsor a race car at the top level. In 2019, he looked to add a sticker on the pillar of the #43 Bubba Wallace machine. This year, he looked into the #15 and #77 teams. I searched the internet for any templates to help reflect more of what the 2020 cars looked like to help his goal. The above was pretty much at my graphics level. The only way I could improve was to find a 3D software to portray the thoughts. The website tradingpaints.com looked interesting, but you needed to have an iRacing membership. To have an iRacing membership, you need to subscribe to them. Almost tempted, and may still one day, I might try iRacing. For the mean time, I decided to look and find an established artist to help show this design in 3D. I had no real idea what the car lines would do with the design. I got a reponse from Liam Brotherton who seemed more than eager. And I am glad Liam helped, because he came up with the two most incredible designs below. Thanks Liam!



2020 - Liam Brotherton designs

Liam did a great job of combining the original ideas into the #54, and did his own thing incorporating the F-86 sabre paint scheme into the #55. I originally thought of just one paint scheme. I updated the black one to number 54. I chose 54 because of the year my father was in Korea (1954). I added the #55, because I always wanted to try to involve the F-86 sabre paint scheme, but never was successful. Liam seemed willing, and did it! I picked a second car as number 55, the year my parents got married.