Kimpo Air Force Base K-14 1/Lt. Larry Stephens (1954)

Kimpo AB, Korea.

"Home of the Rocketeers" Kimpo AB, Korea.

Joe Pizzicaroli (Joe Pizza) flying an F-86 out of K-14, Kimpo, Korea

Barracks, Kimpo AB, Korea.

336th FIS Officer's Mess Hall, Kimpo, Korea

Pilots with the "Chiefs" squadron in Officer's Club, Kimpo, Korea.

Happy Hour with the "Chiefs". Notice pilot at left center displaying the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing motto "Fourth but First".

Pilots with the "Chiefs" squadron in Officer's Mess Hall.

Rocketeers, Kimpo AB, Korea.

Rocketeer, Lt. Larry Stephens, Kimpo AB, Korea.

Photos from L. B. Stephens (Larrys son) via Otha H "Skeet" Vaughan Jr.




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