This web page is devoted to the 'Sweet Rose' / 'Dreaded Gomboo' F-86F Sabre Jet Fighter, and my fathers service for the Air Force. My father Walter Yocum was the crew chief for FU-539, and Lt. Ken Ewing was the pilot. The plane was stationed at U.S. Air base K-14, Kimpo, North Korea back in the year of 1954. He was part of the Fabulous Rocketeers (336th Rocketeer Squadron). This web site contains various pictures of the F-86F, and when he was stationed at the air bases below (in correct timeline).
"Sweet Rose" FU-539
F86-F Sabre Jet Fighter
Other bases/services by my father (under construction):
Sampson Air Force Base (New York 1952)
Amarillo Air Force Base (Texas 1952 - 1953)
Shaw Air Force Base (South Carolina 1953 - 1954)
Kimpo Air Force Base (Korea 1954)
Related Pictures to Japan / Return Trip
Dover Air Force Base (Delaware 1955 -)
Other Fabulous Rocketeer links:

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