Lt. Col. Julian Harvey

(4th Fighter Interceptor Wing yearbook - 1953)

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Buried @ sea per his wishes left in a suicide note.
WW2 and Korean war Veteran USAF
WW2 Service
Pilot Captain of B24 Juilian A. Harvey
Hometown: Scarsdale, N.Y
Squadron: 93rd Bomb Group,
Ploesti raid returned to base with engine trouble.
His No. 1 engine seized up after being airborne
35 minutes, returned to base.
Qualified fighters and bombers. Harvey flew 29 combat missions WW2 and 114 fighter missions in Korea.
Discharged with permanent rank of Major in 1958.
Major Harvey was married 6 times.

After separation from USAF, he found himself in court several times involving violent deaths. In 1949 his 2nd wife and mother in law were killed in an auto accident in which he was the driver. The car skidded off a bridge and into a river but Harvey had managed to exit the car just before the crash and was uninjured.

Skipper of a 60 foot ketch carrying a Wisconsin family of five, he believed he was the only survivor of a "strong gale" and "devastating fire." Hours later a sunbaked 11–year–old girl was spotted by commercial seamen adrift off Miami in a life preserver. When Harvey learned Coast Guard officials were investigating, he committed suicide.
Courts later ruled that Harvey had murdered his wife for insurance and the Duperrault family to eliminate witnesses. The story appeared in life magazine and newspapers around the world.

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November 8 1961
The ship Bluebelle was chartered by Wisconsin optometrist Dr. Arthur Duperrault of Green Bay for a trip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the Bahamas. On the return trip the captain, ex-World War II and Korean War pilot Julian Harvey, reportedly killed his 34-year-old sixth wife Mary Dene and four members of the Duperrault family.
11-year-old Terry Jo Duperrault was left alive asleep below in a sleeping compartment. Captain Harvey then scuttled the vessel and abandoned the ship. When Terry Jo was awakened by screams and as the ship filled with water, she was able to launch herself onto a raft as the ship fell into the depths. The young girl drifted for four days without food or water. She was unconscious and near death when rescued in the Greek freighter Captain Theo. A crewman on the Captain Theo took a picture of her on the float; this photograph was featured on front pages around the world with stories of the "sea waif".

Harvey had been picked up three days earlier in a dinghy along with the dead body Rene one of the children. He told United States Coast Guard investigators that a squall had brought down the Bluebelle's masts, rupturing the auxiliary gas tank, and starting a fire. He claimed that he found Renee floating face down in the water and tried unsuccessfully to revive her. An autopsy showed that the cause of death was drowning. However, after Harvey was informed of Terry Jo's rescue, he left the hearing, checked into a motel under an assumed name, and committed suicide by cutting his wrists, legs and throat with a razor.

source life magazine Dec. 1 1961
Source also Miami Herald Feb. 10 1981

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Bluebelle ship (wikipedia)