Lt. Willard Parker Dunbar, Jr.

(Mig Alley - Sabres vs. MiGs Over Korea - Thompson and McLaren)

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(Mig Alley - Sabres vs. MiGs Over Korea - Thompson and McLaren)

(4th Fighter Interceptor Wing yearbook - 1952)

"My A/c was 491128 F-86A-5 which rotated home the day I finished my missions,12 Oct.’52. I arrived in the 336th 0n 4 May’52 and flew my 100 missions in five months finishing on 12 Oct. Got 1 damage claim and fired on one late in Sept. and got fired on at the same time by the Leader of five behind me. He missed. I was flying Robbie Reisner’s a/c 824 at the time. It was later lost when Bettinger was shot down."

Sincerely,Ltc.Col. Willard P. Dunbar Jr. (From an email given to me by Willard on February 28, 2018).

"P.S. My leader and I were there when Asla was shot down. Couldn’t get a shot of the Mig as he climbed away." - Lt. Willard Dunbar

When asked if he had any nose art on the airplane: "Rovin Rover on lower right nose. Rocketeers on both sides. I think the a/c went to the Oregon ANG after it was IRANed at Fresno then to Oxnard and then scrapped?" Lt. Willard Dunbar

"I was a 2/Lt and Spot 1/Lt while at Kimpo. I then was at Tyndall AFB for two years teaching gunnery and AllWx Interception in 86D’s. Left the AF to continue my education at Purdue University. Graduated with a degree in Air Transportation. Flew with the INDANG for ten years(55to65). Farmed family farms from 1958 to 1965 then flew for American Airlines for 25 years. Flew parttime for a Corp from 1990 to 2003,then retired from flying. Kept up my Reserve participation till 1974 and retired as Lt.Co." - Lt. Willard Dunbar

"The 336th and 334th had 86A’s and E’s while I was there. The 335th had F’s first because they had the best combat claims record. They had all F’s by Sept.52 and we got their E’s. The last of our A’s went home on 12 Oct’52. the day I finished my 100 missions." - Lt. Willard Dunbar

Above from "The F-86 Sabre Jet and Pilots" by Turner, 1997

Note on above article: Advanced training base location was not Craig AFB, Arizona, but was Craig AFB in Alabama East of Selma, Alabama. Original author cited incorrect. Information updated to me by Lt. Willard Dunbar (2/27/2019).