Capt. Robert W. McKittrick

Capt. Robert W. McKittrick - photo submitted by David Von Brock.

"Here's what I know of my great-uncle Capt Robert W. McKittrick. He was a pilot in WWII and flew B-26s and F-5s (photo recon version of the P-38). According to the 4th Wing Yearbook of 1952 (pg 43 of the pdf) he was in E Flight. I'm guessing he might of been the flight commander since everyone else listed was a Lt." - David Von Brock

"The first picture is undated. The manufacture date of his flotation vest is May 1951. The bureau number of the F-86 behind him is either 91-172, or 91-173. His helmet design matches the helmet worn by Maj Ada (Alsa), 336FS, in the picture on pdf pg 42 of the 1952 yearbook." - David

Written on the back of this picture: "May 1952 Taken in Korea; 100 missions in a jet; Captain at the time; Major now Dec 12 1960" - photo submitted by David Von Brock.

"It (F86) appears to have the 336th Rocket emblem on the right side along with the name "KAY" just behind the nose inlet." - David

This is from a Edwardsville Ill newspaper article about a Mig "shootdown' over Pyongyang while Robert was a member of the 4th Interceptor Wing . "Not sure of the date however the articles on the reverse side place the newspaper article around May or June -- not sure of the year but I'm guessing 1952" - photo submitted by David Von Brock.

"I believe the newspaper article is more likely from 1951, instead of 52 -- it looks they used his WWII cadet picture so they might not have had a Korean photo early on." - David

(4th Fighter Interceptor Wing yearbook - 1952)