2/Lt. Edward G. Izbicky

Ground Crew Servicing 336th FIS, 4th FIW F-86, Korea 1952

"52-2839 was a Canadair-built F-86E-6-CAN Sabre, assigned to the 336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 4th Fighter Interceptor Group, Suwon AB, Korea. Shot down by MiG 15 flown by Kapt Semen A. Fedorets, 19 February 1953. The pilot, 2nd Lt. Edward G. Izbicky, was captured. The Russian pilot, Fedorets, is the same pilot who shot down Joseph McConnell." - cyclic206

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Sabre Loss Sabre Loss 336th FIS

Code: (not listed)

Date: 2-19-53

Pilot: Edward G. Izbicky

Cause: MiG-15

Remarks: POW

(Mig Alley - Sabres vs. MiGs Over Korea - Thompson and McLaren)