1/Lt. William A. Todd

Shell shattered canopy (letter below) (Photo 1951)

Maj. George A. Davis, Col. Benjamin S. Preston, Maj. Winton W. Marshall

Los Angeles Times Friday, Dec. 7, 1951

"Davis you have read about Col Preston was 4th wing CO. Marshall, Bones became an ace, retired as a Maj. Gen. My Co when in the 336. My CO in the 335 was Maj. Cretin ,as I recall." - 1/Lt. Bill Todd

"DeArmond spent 17 months as POW. Billy Dobbs was killed at Nellie, upom his return. Griffith returned to Ohio National Guard, retired as a Col." - 1/Lt. William A. Todd (Photo 1951)

"Our housing area" - 1/Lt. William A. Todd (Photo 1951)

"My aircraft" - 1/Lt. William A. Todd (Photo 1951)

"We had F86A models until Sept. When we began receiving the E. Col Gabreski, 4th vice wing co,and I flew the first combat mission in the F86E in Sept. 51. He later went to K13 and became CO of the 51rst Because the E had a high pressure hydraulic flight control, with a flyable tail, you could not put an A on its wing. The E had much faster response time. I left in Feb 52 before the F arrived. Would love to have flown that in combat.
During my 11years as a test pilot for GE, I flew every F86 model. The A,D,E,F and H." - 1/Lt. William A. Todd

"Street scene at the market in Suwon." - 1/Lt. William A. Todd (Photo 1951)

335th Patch

"I was in the 336, but it was 1951. Also the 335. No good pictures of that time. However I have written 6 articles about my experiences.They are in Disciples fo Flight. Go to google and type in Bill Todd Test Pilot, they will come up.
Crew chiefs were the back bone of the organization. Your life was in their hands each time you flew” their” aircraft.
" - 1/Lt. William A. Todd




Mig Damage

FU-305 (s/n 48-305)

F-86 Sabre - Hostory of the Sabre and FJ Fury (by Robert F. Dorr)



Sabre Jet Classics

Sabre Jet Classics (Vol 2, Number 4), Winter 1993



Disciples of Flight - William A. Todd (1951-1952)


Disciples of Flight

The Korea Files 1: Life at K-13 with the 4th Fighter Group

The Korea Files 2: Taking on Waves of Enemy MiGs In the F-86 Sabre

The Korea Files 3: Charles 'Charlie' Ray Spath

The Korea Files 4: Major George A. Davis Over MiG Alley

The Korea Files 5: Four Against Seventy Seemed a Bit Ridiculous

The Korea Files 6: The Gun Camera

Bill Todd is a Korean War veteran and US Air Force fighter pilot who flew 72 combat missions with the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing. After four and a half years in the Service, Bill became an experimental test pilot for the GE Aircraft Engine Group, where he worked for 38 years before retiring.

Please note: Some included photos are not reflective of the story. Even though the stories are true, they are just used as a reference to the Korean War (not of his division).








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