Wally Yocum Jr. "Tidbits"


A walk back into the past with memories of/with Wally and Sweet Rose (will update pictures here and there), and an update to his grandchildren that he looked over and loved very well.



Vietnam Veterans Day, Veterans Memorial Park 2023

Vietnam Veterans Day

Shayne following in Wallys foot steps... Strike Eagles Jr ROTC

Guest speaker: Jan C. Shruggs "Founder of the (Vietnam) Wall" - Washington, DC in 1982

Click here for enlarged view of flyer on Jan C Shruggs.

Established & Dedicated by Chapter 850

Vietnam Veterans of America and Kent County Levy Court

March 23, 2023


Shayne made the Summer 2023 flyer of Kent County LEVY COURT - Community Newsletter & Parks, Recreation and Library Activity Guide



Veterans Day Celebration, DAFB Museum 2019

Dover Air Force Base Museum, Dover, Delaware

November 11, 2019




Dover Air Force Base, Delaware 2019

Dover Air Force Base show, Dover, Delaware

September 14, 2019




"Young Eagles Day" Massey, Maryland 2019

"Young Eagles Day" at Massey Aerodrome, Massey, Maryland

September 8, 2019




Dover Air Force Base Museum, Dover, Delaware 2019

Dover, Delaware

May 18, 2019




Veterans Memorial Park, Dover, Delaware 2019

A brick for Walter Yocum was added at the Veterans Memorial Park.

Established & Dedicated by Chapter 850

Vietnam Veterans of America and Kent County Levy Court

Dover, Delaware

May 15, 2019




Veterans Memorial Park, New Castle, Delaware 2019


Veterans Memorial Park / War Memorial Plaza

Cherry Lane, New Castle, DE 19720

May 10, 2019




Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina 2019

Tom and I at the home of the "World Famous" Rocketeers!

April 27, 2019

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina

April 27, 2019

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina

April 27, 2019




Richmond Raceway, Virgina 2019

Shayne made it to Richmond Times-Dispatch website when we visited the Richmond Raceway. Great morning to visit and watch the race teams in practice.

Link to the article: https://www.richmond.com/uploaded_photos/spo-bk/image_b5c877a8-5ff1-57c1-9cb5-417653c8a74e.html

April 12, 2019

Steven proudly showing the sign "If you ain't first, you're last".

Richmond Raceway, Virginia

April 12, 2019




QR Code added at cemetery 2019

Trying something new at the cemetery - a QR tag I ordered off of Amazon. Will see how it fares.

April 7, 2019

The company!

April 7, 2019




Saverio 'Samuel' Portaro (Sweet Rose's father) 2018


250th Anniversary of Anthracite - SALUTE TO MINERS

A special publication of The News-Item, Nov 1, 2018, Shamokin, PA.




Ava "Rose" 2017

Ava "Rose" Yocum at the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Smyrna, Delaware

November 12, 2017

Ava "Rose" steering a DC-3 on permanent display at the Massey Aerodrome.

November 5, 2017




Grandchildren get to fly 2017

Steven and Shayne after their "Young Eagles Day" at Massey Aerodrome, Massey, Maryland

Steven had an oppurtunity to stear a couple times during their travel.

Ava "Rose" playing in one of the kid planes.

Shayne, Eric (son and webmaster), Ava (the one stuck to me), Steven - center of photo

My Eastern Shore MD - Newspaper




Shayne Yocum 2016

Shayne dressed up as "Wally" for his October school parade.

Sunnyside Elementary School, October 28, 2016




February 29, 2016

The day Wally Yocum Jr passed away.

I always think of Daffadil's from my mothers funeral, as a symbol. The morning he passed away, the first one of the year opened in their backyard.



Winter 2016

This was the last picture I got to take of Wally. Doing what he does best, goofing off with the grandkids.

January 23, 2016




Veterans Day 2015

Steven / Wally / Shayne

Wally loved his grandkids, and joined them for the school's breakfast and presentation for Veterens.
Sunnyside Elementary School

November 9, 2015




Wally and Ava "Rose" 2015

Having some fun and learning outdoors (Ava "Rose" at 9 months old). Wally is behind the rail watching over her.

December 27, 2015

Pop pop time.

Left: November 8, 2015 Right: December 25, 2015


October 8, 2015

Ava "Rose" (granddaughter) was a good pass time for Wally. Always enjoyed her company and always made him smile.

September 6, 2015




Fifer's Orchards 2015

Fifer's Orchards

October 24, 2015




Vacation's with Tom 2015

My father was an honored guest before the start of the NASCAR race in Martinsville, Virginia. He spent time with Richard Petty and the Major General Garrett Harencak of the USAF (Assistant Chief of Staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration). My father got to show a picture that he carries in his wallet and talk about stories of the "Sweet Rose" F86-F sabre.

Wallys response to his son Tom for setting up this event - "What the hell is this? A fighter jet, a model, and now the General and Richard"... as he joked "everything gets big with you!"

November 1, 2015

Mrytle Beach, South Carolina

This was the day Wally found out that Eduard was going to make a replica "Sweet Rose" model. His son Tom told him by the A-10, and he didn't know what to say. After a pause he said, "I got my name on a fighter jet and now a model!"

September 23, 2015

Southport, North Carolina

June 18, 2015

Mighty 8th Museum in Pooler, Georgia

June 16, 2015

Top of three grouped photos: Overlooking water at Chesapeake City, Delaware - April 12, 2015

Bottom left: Next to train at Shamokin, Pennsylvania - May 23, 2015

Bottom right: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - April 13, 2015

Photo credit: Tom Yocum




Korean War Veterans Memorial 2009

Korean War Veterans Memorial, Washington DC

April 11, 2009

Photo Credits: Ken Yocum




Times with Ken

Top left: Wally, Rose, Ken, Jessica

Bottom left: Wally and Rose




Seymour Johnson AFB 2014

Tom (son) and his wife took him for a surprise of his life when they got to tour the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina. The air base surprised him by decalling a F-15E Eagle with the name "Sweet Rose" and C/c Wally Yocum on the side of the cockpit!

September 2014




One of the Kids 2014

Wallys grandson raced in a go-kart league at Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix (Wilmington, Delaware).

Before Stevens track time, air hockey and pool was on!

Left: September 20, 2014 Right: September 27, 2014




Fishing 2014

Welcoming in the Summer after a long Spring.

Indian River Inlet, Delaware

June 6, 2014




April 7, 2014

The day Rose "Sweet Rose" Yocum passed away.

She'll always be remembered for her endless love of family, and her personal gardens.



Military History Day 2012

Photos are from the Military History Day at Fort DuPont State Park, Delaware City, Delaware

October 20, 2012




National Air and Space Museum 2011

Wally's son Ken took him on a drive to the National Air and Space Museum. Above photo is of Wally next to FU-260.

National Air and Space Museum, Chantilly, VA

circa 2011

Photo Credits: Ken Yocum




Birthday 2011

Invited Wally over for his birthday. Surprised him with a huge poster printed from my work of his jet taped to the wall.

January 2011




Dover Air Force Base 2006

Wally got to meet briefly with retired Navy Capt. Dale Snodgrass. He was one of the pilots that was scheduled to fly during the air show at the Dover Air Force Base air show. We talked to members at the air show, and explained to them that Wally used to be a crew chief of a sabre in Korea. The members asked if my dad would like to talk to the pilot. Dale visited my father and thanked him for his service to the country. When Dale started to roll off to fly, he gave Wally the 'thumbs up', turned and proceeded down the runway.

About Dale from the web: "Widely regarded as the best F-14 Tomcat pilot ever". In 1985, the U.S. Navy selected Snodgrass as Fighter Pilot of the Year. As the best F-14 Pilot in 1986, Grumman Aerospace named Snodgrass "TopCat of the Year." During Operation Desert Storm, Snodgrass was Commander of all U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat's, Fighter Wing Atlantic. He led 34 missions as overall Strike or Fighter Lead in 12 operational Fighter Squadron/Wing tours and earned numerous honors including a Bronze Star for Leadership and Valor"

Dover Air Force Base Air Show

circa 2006

Photo Credits: Eric Yocum




Korea/Vietnam Memorial - Mt. Carmel, PA 2000

Wally next to the sign with his name (Second from the bottom).

Close-up of name.

Full memorial sign. This sign has since been taken down, and a new memorial was put up (below pictures).

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania.

Photo credit for above two pictures: Tom Yocum






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