Photos of 89-0488 F-15E

Wally Yocum was honored by the 336th at Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina in 2014, decaling an F-15E Eagle with his name on the cockpit “Cc Wally Yocum” and “Sweet Rose” on the nose.

89-0488 F-15E Eagle at Seymour Johnson AFB (September 2014). Wally Yocum and Edwin Williams talking.

'Sweet Rose' returns!

'Cc Wally Yocum' written by the cockpit in his honor.

'Sweet Rose' (II) and Wally.

My father next to 89-0488.

Talking stories at SJ Air Force Base - Edwin Williams and Wally Yocum.

Tail: SJ (for Seymour Johnson AFB) 336 FS (for 336th fighter squadron) AF 89 (for air force built in 1989) 488 (serial number)





Rocketeers March 13, 2014 - submitted on facebook by John Moore

89-0488 F-15E Eagle 'Sweet Rose' (II) on way to Afghanistan!

Col. Lamar Pettus (left) and Capt. Ryan Leavitt

Web news article: dvids



89-0488 F-15E U.S. Air Force 1/72 Scale Model by G.W.H

Excellent website detail the parts of the model:






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